This parable is about the problems of open eyes to many things. Truthfully in the extreme!

Parable - a special literary form, which can be used not only beautiful to tell the story, but also to teach a lesson to readers. Such stories help to look at myself from the outside that, as a rule, does not come easy for each of us. In many parables hiding big wisdom of the ages and nations. When people are still so massively attended various educational institutions, using parables, they adopted the experience of the older generation, as well as the entire people, and if the person was not stupid, he knew deep metaphors of these tales and knew how to use this wisdom to succeed in life. Before you is a story that can tell a lot about the nature of human problems.

So, once passed by a stranger at home. On the porch sat an elderly couple in a rocking chair and a dog lying on the floor and whined piteously. «What is their dog?» i> - the traveler thought and went about his business.

The next day, he was again held at the same house, it was exactly the same - old men swaying peacefully in a chair, and the dog was making a plaintive whine. Viator again felt sorry for the dog, but he still did not dare ask what was wrong with her.

On the third day a man found everything just as in the previous two days - old men sitting in armchairs, the dog whines. This time traveler patience snapped, and he said: «What's wrong with your dog, why it makes the plaintive sounds?» I> He was told that the dog whines because lying on a nail. Astonishment traveler there was no limit: «And why is it then not get up?» I> A old woman stunned him: «She was quite sick, to whine, but not enough to get». I >

That's the way it happens in humans. They often complain about their problems, but it is absolutely nothing. Apparently they were not so bad with these problems.

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