26 insightful quotes genius of Anton Chekhov. Thin exposing human vices!

His laconic prose and dramatic works of genre features reminiscent of Japanese haiku, which are capable of two-three words to look into the soul and heart of the battle in the spot. Every word - gold, thought - diamonds. His dark humor exposes human vices and then heals them. But all geniuses in any measure likely to be depressed. Unfortunately, the genius - a perpetual brinkmanship. Dumps the Russian intelligentsia - Anton Chekhov. Each of his novel and play contains melanholizm light, which is a gentle veil covers her from the harsh winds of change are eternal truths genuine. What language, what feelings! Sometimes, reading his immortal works, it seems that from the time of Chekhov nothing has changed ... As today is not enough of this brilliant writer!

The team decided to choose the best of the best passages of the talented masters of literature and to introduce them to the attention of our intellectual reader. It is 26 short of the great quotes Anton Chekhov, each of which penetrates right into the depth of the soul. Oh, is there will be his literary masterpieces, I still will choose tea!

They say genius is tested for centuries. Anton Chekhov passed this test perfectly ... His soulful and sensitive words will be relevant forever - neither add nor take away! Share these brilliant statements with their friends.

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