24 parents who have failed in the education. They are not something that kids and even animals can not start!

Becoming a parent, you are, in fact, take on a huge responsibility. If you used to live for themselves, but now you have to care about another person. You're for the baby - the first teacher and the best example to follow. Children see - children do. In another it does not happen! You should be extremely careful as directly responsible for what your child grow. You can, of course, hope for a high level of self-awareness of their own offspring, but the fact remains - as a parent you have a tremendous impact on his personality. It is not necessary to educate children, you must first educate themselves.

This 24 would-be parents who failed miserably exam parenting. Suppose now only themselves to blame ... I do not know: whether to laugh or cry, but it's pretty grim picture ...

Mom did not have time to look around, her little girl grew up.

Costumed gypsy?

I almost made a "sun» ...

You do not want to try sochnenkogo baby?

very caring daddy ...

No comments yet.

Called went out to ride with my dad.

About the horror! Wait a minute, where's the baby's head? B>

This is how she chose her future profession ...

And anything that the child in the back seat?!

So you can kill ...

«Who is it just said" dad »?»

spitting in the direction of safety.

Apparently, the unloved child of the family ...

This is your child, not Model cars.

«Correct me please here».

Children - are not things.

«The one-and-a-ak ... What do we have in the latest issue interesnenkogo?!»

Better safe than sorry.

I think now would be fatal ...

With the dogs, and it is best to turn!

to calm down ...

«bitten for a flank!»

Very childish fun ...

Nightmare! Here's your reason for deprivation of parental rights. These abnormal better not fend for kids! These people is not something that children can not even start a dog ... Show me these horrific images of child abuse all indifferent.

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