For the sake of dreams - if only for a crime ... From this perspective the Pyramids of Giza you just have not seen!

Everyone knows that the pyramids at Giza - the only one of the seven wonders of the world existed, which has survived to this day. It is clear that these majestic buildings that hold the secrets of many people is not something that centuries and thousands of years, under the watchful eye and very protected at the highest level. Probably each of us once in my life seen pictures of world famous pyramids. They are made either of tourists visiting a popular place or professional photographers, who are forced to ask for a special permit, and to tinker with a bunch of papers to get the right to take photographs from the ground or from the air.

You wanted badly to impress, showing beautiful photos of the pyramids at Giza, for which the authors were almost ... in jail. The fact that these pictures are made with a very unusual angle, and now you see this. It's called, what not only will the person to make the original picture popular places that are teeming with tourists. Mahorovu Vadim, a young Russian photography enthusiast, the law and the highest level of security - not an obstacle on the way to his goal. Together with his friends, and Vitaly Raskalovym Marat Dupri, he went to Egypt to witness the greatest attraction of the Ancient World.

On entering the complex, the first thing friends visited the legendary Sphinx. But this does not greatly impressed them, and they're up to something out of the ordinary. B>

Then, travelers expect small tour of the pyramids.

The spectacle is certainly not bad, but as a friend and then confessed, not enough to stand agape.

Finally, on the third day of his stay in Egypt, beating and throwing all the touts that usually heated on the mountain-tourists, the guys still managed to walk to the famous pyramids of Cheops, which they, in fact, kept the way. Finding a secluded near the tomb, they decided to wait there until nightfall. B>

So desperate travelers waited for the light show at night pyramids. But that's not all, because of what the young tourists were on site. B>

When the air spread evening prayer, came the moment of truth: the guys decided to climb. Ahead, sparing no effort, in spite of all the laws and prohibitions. B>

The rise lasted for 20 minutes, every wrong move could be fatal.

And finally cherished top. On this side of the pyramid look simply amazing! B>

To not see them strict protection, daredevils not much protruded. Men take pictures wonderful views somewhere in half an hour, and then went down. B>

They recognized that this was one of the most fascinating and exciting adventure in their lives. «I have long dreamed of Egypt. Since I can remember, I always had a dream to be on top of the great pyramid of Giza. His act, we do not want to offend anyone, we just followed his dream » i>, - shared his impressions Vadim Mahora. B>

That's a pretty bold and extreme act, agreed. Few dare to such (even the guys advised not to repeat the like), preferring to risk a careless stay in the hotel and a traditional guided tour of the memorial site. If you are struck by the fact that vytvorili crazy guys, share this article with your friends. I am sure they are very surprised photographs of well-known pyramids with this perspective.


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