Family saved this Krysenko, when he was only 4 weeks ... But they did not expect such an outcome!

What would you say there is no, and do not choose friends ... They are met! The duo, consisting of a German Shepherd named Osiris and cute little rat Riffa, to correct proof. At first glance, they do not like each other, but to look at these cronies - a pleasure!

Riff little rat was only 4 weeks, when it was first found in very poor condition. He seemed to remain a matter of days ... The members of the family who saved him, fed him with a syringe, and, fortunately, a small rodent still alive and well. Osiris is a very friendly attitude to a new friend. The dog took care of rodents and left him.

«Riff loves to climb right into the jaws of Osiris and brush his teeth. Are we afraid that Osiris eat it? No way! Osiris, probably - the kindest dog in the world », i> - tells the owner of this sweet couple. In truth, these two it is impossible to look away! Sometimes the same is ...

Certainly this couple will not leave you indifferent. How can you not remember about the dog and the owl Ingo Poldi. What did not you see the world of animals! Tell us about this gallant duo your friends.


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