Small, yes udalenky. 15 tiny houses, live in them - a pleasure!

These 15 houses - the perfect proof that functionality and comfort can not be measured in square meters. In these small architectural masterpieces able to accommodate everything that living here was the most complete and convenient. In football in the living room of the houses, of course, will not play, but does it matter when there is everything you need and nothing superfluous.

The bigger the house, the more rubbish is stored in it and the less people try to rationalize the space given to them. This leads to the fact that a large area can fit behind the confined space.

1. A cozy house on wheels

2. House in Victorian style

3. In fact, these billboards are homes for the homeless

4. A tiny house in Tokyo

5. House container in Savannah, GA

6. Little house in the woods

7. Asylum in Germany

8. The studio, located in Canada

9. A small house in Tokyo, Japan

10. Little house in Canada

11. The original house on wheels in a Victorian-style

12. The house, which resembles a matchbox

13. A cozy mobile home

14. The house, like a flask

15. Houseboat in Finland

Each of the 15 houses on the maximum use of every centimeter of space. I am sure that living in such facilities can be very comfortable, in fact around only the most necessary and dear to, and for different trash has no place. I liked the photo of the tiny houses? Share them with your friends!

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