She starred with different men as a wife. The result of these photo shoots - incomparable!

We, the women, do not feed bread, but give to speculate on the topic "What would happen if ..." How often from the fair sex can hear reproaches in the style of "I'm with you, reptile, monster, villain, all his years young golden-spent, "or" Here it was necessary to get married for Alyosha, he was promoted to colonel, lived there with his wife humming ... ". The popular Czech photographer Dita Pepe decided to test whether these observations are true, not in words but in deeds. Since 1999, she was photographed with different men, who met her in life, try on the image of their wives. Photo sessions were held in different places and at different times. Does the social status of the husband, his profession and place of residence at the appearance of his wife - the answers to these questions search in incredible photo project creative Dita. Very amusing idea, admits the team online publication ! B>

Michal financier (Prague)

Victor machinery (Ostrava)

Novak, the driver (Prague)

Lucas, Fitter (Brno)

Horak, personal assistant to the director of a large company (Ostrava)

George, a translator (Prague)

Alex, the owner of a clothing store (Ostrava)

Radomir restorer (Olomouc)

Ladislav businessman (Prague)

Patrick, manager of the bank (Ostrava)

Thomas, the owner of a fishing shop (Liberec)

David, an electrical engineer (Brno)

Branislav, graphic designer (Prague)

Kosidar, director of the dance school (Ostrava)

Jiri artist (Ostrava)

It's amazing how the woman what kind of a man is by her side. Incidentally, it is worth noting that Dita Pepe - not only a very creative person, but also a good actress she got used to the role of the perfect spouse unknown men. It can be long and tedious to present as might have been your fate, you have done differently. But remember: never about anything not sorry - everything went as it should have been! And this collection is to show her friend, as they say, because the dream is not harmful.


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