15 incredibly perceptive remarks about the children love. It is wise beyond his years!

Small children perceive the world not as we do. Most uncomplicated look they manage to see the essence of things, but in their simple and ridiculous at first glance statements sometimes hidden wisdom of the ages. There is no need to treat the child indulgent only because he lived in this world as much as you. As we age, we give a large number of different influences from the outside, which makes us sometimes change their minds and give up some of the views. And from the height of the experience can often not see the basic things. Another thing is the children ... they have not forgotten how to trust yourself and listen to your inner voice. Many of them can intuitively determine what is important and what is right. Look, for example, that the younger generation speaks about love and relationships.

1. Love - is when a little old woman and a man are still friendly, despite the fact that they know each other for a thousand years. (Tommy, age 6) i>

2. Love - this is what is in the air at the moment when you unpack the Christmas presents. (Bobby, age 7) i>

3. To learn how to truly love, you start with the people you hate. (Nick, 6 years old) i>

4. When I had to play the piano in public, I was very afraid. Then I looked into the room and saw his father's face. He winked and smiled at me, and fear soon passed. (Cindy, age 8) i>

5. Love - is when the Pope, smiling mother slips into a plate of the best piece of chicken. (Elaine, 5 years old) i>

6. I know my older sister loves me. Because it always gives me his old clothes, despite the fact that then will have to go into town and buy yourself a new one. (Lauren, age 4) i>

7. When someone is truly in love, his cilia quickly raised and lowered, and out of them piled stars. (Karen, age 7) i>

8. Love - is when mom finds daddy on the toilet and does not think it's disgusting. (Mark, 6 years old) i>

9. I authorize my older sister teased, as the mother says that she does it because she loves me. Well, I tease our little sister because I love her. (Bethany, 4 years) i>

10. Love - is when a girl stifled perfume and a boy cologne and they go for a walk and sniff each other. (Carl, 5 years old) i>

11. My mom loves me more than anybody. She's the only one who kisses me in the evening before bedtime. (Claire, 5 years old) i>

12. Love - the most important thing in the world, but football is also very good. (Alyosha, 8 years old) i>

13. Lovers are different in that they can just look at each other, but this time their food cold. Other people care more about the food. (Mark, 8 years old) i>

14. Mom says I meet intelligent and kind guy ... But I probably just choose the highest and blue eyes. (Milan, 7 years old) i>

15. Wedding - this is where you come for the girl to her walk, and never returned to her parents. (Yarik, 6 years old) i>

Wisdom and accuracy of statements of these children can not fail to amaze. I think many of us have not only smiled, but seriously think about some things, reading quotes. Share these masterpieces with your friends!

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