Known razluchnitsy world of show business. From these better to stay away!

Women - insidious creatures. For the sake of their own happiness, many of them are ready to go ahead, and even to destroy other people's families. On the other hand, if a man truly loves his wife, no snake-temptress, even in the guise of a beautiful and sexy beauties, do not force him to give up his wife. However, the team online editions do not want to be picked in someone else's underwear and criticize the actions of others, because, as they say, who are the judges? Today we'll show you just razluchnits known from the world of show business, for which no less famous men left their wives and children. What passions are among the rich and famous of this world!

Angelina Jolie

This is perhaps the most famous razluchnitsa. Back in 2005 the whole world gasped in surprise when the sweet couple Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up, and because of the no less popular Angelina Jolie. The story of how Pitt and Jolie carried away by each other while filming "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", and then went to the macho Hollywood actress, who performed the famous Lara Croft will soon be writing textbooks. Jennifer Aniston says that she has never regretted joint years with Brad Pitt. Moreover, it is easy to note that after the break deserted wife did not lost its glory because of the roles played. The fact that the event at the time was heavily hyped media. Rumor has it that after the "kidnapping of the century" many actresses have banned their pious act in scenes with Angelina Jolie, who knows what. Now the star couple Pitt - Jolie have six children.

Julia Roberts

Hard to believe, but Roberts also among razluchnits century. Her first marriage to singer Lyle Lovett lasted less than two years. In the film "The Mexican," Julia she twisted romance with the operator Daniel Moder. Because of the love of the Hollywood beauty Danny annulled the marriage, which lasted for about 4 years. Now the couple have three children: twins Hazel and Finneas (born in 2004) and the youngest son Henry (born in 2007).

Jennifer Lopez

During the burning of the Latin American singer also is found a similar peccadillo. In 2003, when between sexy Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony took the spark of love, the man was married to Dayanara Torres beauty. Jay and Mark got married just a week after the divorce musician. They have two children: son Max and daughter Amy. In June 2014 Lopez officially divorced Anthony.

Sienna Miller

The history associated with Siena, similar to the classic soap opera with the change, drama and divorce. In 2004, the actress met with Jude Law in the film "Handsome Alfie, or What men want." Between the actors suddenly caught fire the flames of passion, so strong that in 2005, they announced their engagement. Before marriage, it never came: journalists trumpeted to the world that changed Jude Sienna with the nanny of his children from his first marriage. That's passion - without a hundred grams can not tell ...

Cameron Diaz

It is now Cameron - Benji Meddona exemplary wife, and until recently her vodilas thank desperate Heartbreakers. So, in 2007, a certain Joan Sarantakom famous blonde filed for a lawsuit in which Diaz was accused of abusing the woman's husband, a popular illusionist Criss Angel.

Kristen Stewart

Even if the actors are trying hard not to get caught the eye of journalists and hide from them his personal life, the paparazzi will always find loopholes to make public all private. So in 2012, the network appeared scandalous photographs of the director of the film "Snow White and the Huntsman" Rupert Sanders gently kisses Kristen Stewart. All anything, only the man at the time was married to Liberty Ross, and she was beloved Robert Pattinson. After this scandal, Pattinson has decided to sell the house where he was going to live with Stewart. However, in late 2012 pigeons managed to make it up, after which the actress Pattinson made a marriage proposal.

Claire Danes

For this actress has always stretched the image of the "right girl". However, in 2004, a situation badly tarnished the reputation of "the angel in the flesh." Claire managed to withdraw Bill Crudup's wife, who was seven months pregnant! Soon, the couple broke up and in 2009, Claire continued her career razluchnitsy. This time she took her actor Hugh Dancy, and married him. Now the couple have a son.

Evan Rachel Wood

This young coquette could divert from Dita Von Teese flamboyant husband Marilyn Manson. The couple met in 2006 and 2008, and then they parted. In 2010, Manson has decided to resume relations, and even made an offer to Wood, but the marriage did not take place. Apparently, they have there in show business has its own atmosphere ...

Albina Dzhanabaeva

History Albina and Valery Meladze has long been a on open spaces of our countries talk of the town. They managed to hide their long relationship. However, when a son of Albina, all wondered who his father is. Six years later, Valery has confirmed publicly that he is the biological father of small bones and his name is written on the birth certificate. Recall that in July 2014 Albina and Valeria was born the second son Luca.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

It happens that the simulated love on the set smoothly turns into a real passion in life. It happened with Anastasia and Sergey Zhigunov Zavorotnyuk: is between a nanny Vika and Maxim hanky-panky Shatalin were not only in your favorite TV series "My Fair Nanny". It is because of this burning brunette Sergei divorced his wife Vera Novikova (their marriage lasted 24 years). However, the relationship with a new love did not work out, and soon returned to Zhirunov Novikova.

As you can see, in show business has its own Santa Barbara ... Nevertheless, many of these women have found happiness with men who before were already married. In life, nothing happens just like that: things are going as destined. Share this article with your friends, especially those who are interested in scandals, intrigues, investigations in the field of show business.

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