It seems to have found the most eligible bachelor on the planet. Girls, do not miss your chance!

The fact that people are now soul mate most often found on the Internet, already it is no secret. All kinds of dating sites, chat rooms, forums, and, of course, social networks are doing their work, connecting the hearts of lovers doves even from around the world. Statistics show that more than a third of happy marriages in the last decade, begins with an innocent correspondence of the World Wide Web. Today, the team will introduce you to the most eligible bachelor of the planet, which, perhaps, any dreams of the fair sex. Oh, girl, hold on, that someone will fall betrothed-disguised!

Not so long ago in one of the most popular dating sites appeared profile of a man who tries to find his vengeance only. "Big deal, it happens," - you will say ... But there it was! This burning macho from St. Petersburg is not going to waste your time on trifles: he is looking for a real princess, who will get his kingdom. It called and laughter and sin ...

According to the profile of a man, his name is Sergei and his 39 years. He wants to meet a girl 16-20 years (and no other!) For long-term relationships and create a strong family. However, the alpha male is no fool, and he has a list of qualities that should have a future fiancee. Here is what Sergey says about how he sees his life partner (for maximum effect, punctuation and spelling retained the author).

«Kingdom increases, and worthy of Cinderella still no (no bad habits with good external data and the presence of intelligence) for the conversion of a princess who is capable of loyalty, fidelity and love (without the intimate past, knowing that this honor with the young and gown with Novo) .Not wrote megalomaniac who consider themselves the last ass on the planet; shabby loser; illiquid marriage market; PEOPLE WITH homosexual; zavislivyh idiots whose discussions, tips, questions are not wanted. No comments post-not interested. Body for sale are not accepted, I squeamish. Write only in the case, the rest of the Verbal diarrhea is not readable ». I>

Photos king, of course, be attached to the application form.

How you can see, eligible bachelor specially photographed in his mansion, so fans have no doubts.

is not a man, but just a dream, hold me seven!

From this glamor and glitz in the pictures I have already shone in the eyes ...

But the main bait, which, apparently, should bite all women - this coat.

All the wealth and luxury of the world in one photo.

The coat strength!

Even though stand, though fall! I do not know whether the man was able to find his beloved, because some questions had hoo! One thing is certain: his profile on a dating site he just extended the life of half of the country. Our team from the heart wants it to quickly find the most and offers you to share this post with your friends: let laugh too heartily.

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