These 18 items will make your summer unforgettable. I want them all!

Every day in the sale appears more and more different things that can make our lives easier and more interesting. Each item in this list will be a necessary addition to your summer holiday. With these things you can get a sea of ​​vivid impressions and great to spend time with family and friends.

These 18 items will make your summer even more fun and memorable. Some of them probably came up with a genius. How, for example, beer glasses that hold the cold, inflatable boat, a trampoline that pushes, and gun to kill the insects. My dream - to have them all!

1. The gun to kill insects

2. Portable tennis court

3. Case barbecue

4. Huge hammock

5. Sprinkler backlit

6. Lounger for the beach, which will solve all your problems

7. Spinning support for flowers

8. Beer glasses that keep the cold

9. For wine ...

10. And for the "Margarita»

11. Charging for solar-powered gadgets

12. Glowing undersea chairs

13. Cooler for drinks with a remote control. In order not to get up each time for a beer. B>

14. Shovel for frying backlit

15. Floating Column

16. Floating board games

17. The trampoline that pushes another person, when the first jumping

18. Inflatable boat for feasts and gatherings

What's summer without a fun and positive? These things can enliven any vacation, turning it into an unforgettable pastime. Pleasant experience with them is guaranteed! And which of these things you want Me?


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