17 national borders around the world. Do not miss this opportunity to be in two places at once!

When you were still a kid, you probably dreamed about some hyperpower. Do you since childhood had huge ambitions, and you wanted to learn to overcome the time-space boundaries. You grew up and realized that it is almost impossible - you can not go in two places at once. But I immediately want you to argue! And we want to present to your attention 17 fotodokazatelstv. This national borders around the world. Go on an unforgettable journey with us! Look for the longest international border in the world. Try to visit in the shoes of the magician!

Panama and Costa Rica

Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe,

Ukraine and Poland

Italy and the Vatican

North and South Korea

Afghanistan and Pakistan

The Netherlands and Belgium

Norway and Sweden

Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

Australia and world

Malaysia and Singapore

Austria, Hungary and Slovakia

Haiti and the Dominican Republic

China and Russia

US and Canada

Belarus and Ukraine

Israel and Palestine

It was like he went at the turn of the two countries ... an indescribable feeling! I was most impressed with Australia. Show your best mates shots that destroy the time-space boundaries.

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