20 foreign stars, who drove the car at the time. Alas, nothing lasts forever ...

Time - a surprising phenomenon. He was so little when you are late, and so many When You're Expecting. And it relentlessly and ruthlessly to all. And even the most popular, rich and talented stars of show business - is no exception. Unfortunately, the years take their toll, and this applies even to our favorite idols ... Today, the team entertaining online publication Ofigenno.cc has prepared for you a selection of 20 photos of foreign stars who, so to speak, also fell under the distribution. As you can see, no regrets millionaires and superkrasavtsev - all grow old! Only Johnny Depp apparently drinking the elixir of youth and found a source of eternal life. This sexy pirate blooms and smells, even though the age!

Pamela Anderson

Geena Davis

Jim Carrey

Johnny Depp

Barbra Streisand

Carrie Fisher

Lisa Robin Kelly

Pierce Brosnan

Goldie Hawn

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lindsay Lohan

Mike Tyson

Peter Frampton

Clint Eastwood

Eddie Van Halen

Mel Gibson

Dolly Parton


Billy Idol

Mickey Rourke

On the red carpet these stars appear one by one, and the camera lens pesky paparazzi, as you see, quite different. This proves once again that old age comes to all, and it did not bribe even for big money. While you are young, live to the full, time flies like lightning. And do not forget to share with your friends interesting collections from our site.

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