In the best traditions of Russian wedding! 29 masterpieces hideous wedding photography.

You are young and promising, you have basic computer skills, familiar with the subtleties of working in Paint, and are looking for an easy and lucrative summer job? We have an attractive offer for you! Why do not you try yourself as a wedding photographer? To doubt their own abilities? Remember the good old anecdote?

- Remember, son, a clever man always around doubts. Only a fool can be completely confident in something.

- Are you sure, Dad?

- Absolutely!

Down a doubt! Believe me: for every product has its own merchant. Look at the masterpieces created by Photoshop guru - and your self-esteem will increase significantly!

This master work 29 wedding photo art from the harsh Russian heartland. It does not fit into any framework ... Neither the fence nor gate!

Pigeons, unfortunately, have not read the script holiday activities.

H - stash.

Lioness, where is your lion?

Competitive part exceeded his expectations ...

So goes the wedding of Russian gangsters from the ghetto!

Tamada tried their best!

Neither Prince nor white horse ...

Master level Photoshop "gurus».

What? Saved at least for a dress suit and a banquet hall. B>

The photographer did not realize that this ingenious idea for the newlyweds ah snapshot prophesied a difficult future.

Sodom and Gomorrah.

And the photographer still delicate taste, whatever you say!

Oh, those Russian svadenye fun!

This will always be a place firmly against the wall of her husband ...

The Snow Queen.

Before the wedding - no, no, now it is time to dismiss his hands.

Wedding in punk.

What is the ideological photographer! Also I want to own such a picture for the wedding. B>

From the event: the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton at Buckingham Palace.

not translated yet Knights!

All exactly go in the summer to earn money on wedding photography!

In the meantime ...

Severe wedding metallyug. As without a goat?! B>

Siberian wedding.

Fido too shocked ...

The Russian people are just merciless! Why are only these brilliant photos ... God forbid get to this armless photographer! Show these fotoshedevry those who are just about to get married. People do not make these fatal mistakes!

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