Beach season opened! 23 vivid example of a series of "How not to sunbathe this summer."

Remember how cute lion cub and Tortoise fun of the beloved Soviet cartoon singing, "I'm lying in the sun, I stare at the sun ..." That's the long-awaited summer, and because the scorching sun erupted in earnest, leaving their marks on the body of passers . Our people do not need long to tell where and how best to sunbathing: some prefer to grill in the solarium, the other - on the beach, others are content with sunbathing on the river or the lake and some even manage to climb to the roof of a skyscraper, or sunbathe on the balcony. However, life is not always everything goes like clockwork. It happens that the sun leaves these "kisses", which is even ashamed to go out into the world. Fall asleep in the sun overcook until golden brown or become a victim of the draw friends - about the heroes of our fasting know like no other. But they it seems, does not bother ...

It seems grenochka little burnt ...

To and winter to remember which wore sandals in the summer.

And the man became particularly bold!

The entire summer wardrobe in one photo.

When your friend - the joker of God.

You should have sailed in a T-shirt ...

The hard truth of our latitudes.

In any unclear situation makes that person here.

So how are you, Superman without clothes!

Annals of the summer season on the legs.

just did not take off his cap for a long time ...

Give five!

Ondine over: "Hire-ka I tail, while no one sees ...ยป

And about the competitions she forgot exactly when was sunbathing.

What is a piece of cake, right chocolate bunny!

Steeper me the eggs!

An old friend is better than two new ...

It's time to get free!

I would be in his place so was not smiling. "Miss Bikini - 2015" it is clearly not shine ...

For the first time over the summer took a T-shirt ...

Potatoes dug, you can swim.

But this sun no one!

stylish, trendy, youth ...

You have not tore the stomach from laughing? If you were laughing force, we offer to your attention a nice bonus.

So, how to define the profession of a man tanning:

Autumn tell you how you spent this summer ...

Well, nothing, as the great Carlson: "It's nothing, it happens ..." Somebody just has not happened in the life of some oddities! Remember that long exposure to the sun leads to dizziness, the appearance of black circles before my eyes ... and a failure to sunburn. So be vigilant, sun - a very crafty friend. And do not forget to remind your friends how you should not sunbathe, showing them the post.


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