She was named the ugliest woman in the world. But the way she reacted, admired!

Lizzie Velasquez just spending time on the Internet and stumbled on a video of the most ugly women in the world. When she turned on the video, you will learn that we are talking about it. Roller scored 4 million views, and under him were thousands of comments that shocked her. Although she is already accustomed to the constant ridicule of his appearance around this case was a real blow for her. For several days she did not communicate with anyone, I sat at home and cried, reading what they write about it on the Internet.

Lizzie Velasquez, a resident of Texas, suffered a very rare poorly understood disease, because of which her body can not gain weight. The girl is not fat at all in their 21 she weighs 26 kilograms. She's perfectly healthy parents, brothers and sisters, but Lizzie was prepared for a different fate.

When the baby was born Lizzie, she weighed a little more than a kilogram. Doctors were shocked when they saw it, and told the parents that they may have to care for her whole life. And it is unlikely that she will ever learn to walk, talk and think for themselves. But parents do not listen to anything of what they said. They immediately wanted to see my baby, and then - to take home and care for her as a normal child.

Thanks to the love of their parents and their relation to it, Lizzy grew up a happy girl who was able to stand against the cruelty of the world. Her self-confidence and self-esteem can be kindly envy. She forgives people who say bad things about it, and do not hold anyone evil. In addition, she is optimistic about the future and laughing in the face of any difficulties.

Lizzie is an active social life. She wrote the book, leads his video blog, is taking part in the programs, at university, he plans to star in a film about herself. Her example of cheerfulness and give hope to people who feel that their life has no meaning because some diseases or appearance features. Lizzie shows everyone that can and should enjoy life in spite of everything.


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