This fun experiment proves that it is not always necessary to believe my eyes ... This is the opening!

Many people do not believe in rumors and believe that everything you need to see with their own eyes. But sometimes our eyes can deceive us too. As is known, the presence of peripheral vision allows a person to have an overview of about 190 degrees, but it is not as perfect and sometimes brings us ...

That is what we want to show you. To take part in the experiment, just to look at the cross in the center of the picture and you see how the face of famous people, because our vision is not perfect, will gradually turn into amusing caricatures.

Now try to explain this phenomenon. The fact that the retina of the human eye there is an area called the macula. It is most receptors, it provides about 10% of the field of our sight.

In this case, the macula we simply have a black box, so the brain is trying to obtain information from other sources, which are moving pictures. Since these sources are not as reliable, our intelligent brain tries to connect them. He processes information very quickly, because the pictures change. As a result, we lose the ability to recognize faces, they merge into one, and instead of the normal picture you see a distorted, similar to a cartoon ...

As you can see, is not always believe your eyes. Sometimes they are with the prankster brain deceive us. If you liked this experiment, you will certainly tell about it to their friends.

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