21 gaffe by sports commentators around the world. You can not help but smile!

A sports commentator - is hard work. It seems to be traveling around the world or just sit in a cozy studio and talk about what is happening there. Probably you are doing things you love, and many envy you. You may think that it is better not to find work. But as one of the representatives of this great profession: « Footballers easy to run across the field, and you try to intelligently comment on their action i>». Good commenter is also a fan, but he should be able to retain their confidence too emotional inclinations. And it does not always work ... Besides, during the hours of reportage constantly have something to say ... Because of this, and are born into the world a variety of fun phrases that are sensitive ear of an experienced listener immediately catches. Today Editorial Ofigenno.cc has prepared for you a small selection of pearls, which at different times and in different countries had the opportunity to hear from representatives of the fans commentator shop.

Before the start of the match - 5 minutes. The score remains 0: 0 ... i>

Today, the hotel had gone Tretiak soap and a toothbrush, but despite this, he went out and perfectly protects the gates of our team ... i>

Penalty. Bute Soviet players. Strike! Caught in the judge. The judge asked again. I>

So ended the first half. Kiyani lose. But it is not over yet. Rather, it is now night, but the clock has not yet struck twelve, Cinderella and shoes have not yet turned into a pumpkin. Or in what they become? I>

Any person comical are cases related to sports. And I they were. For example, a couple was drowning ... i>

We are well aware of how these two players are constantly mate on all areas of the field. i>

Do Mikhailovich injury, the rest - a watering place. i>

especially distinguished our girls-arrow. They shot down all rivals and deservedly took the first place. I>

Defender Danes raised his foot, and attack the Dutch drowned. i>

Crying of happiness head coach of Swedes ... No, it's one of his assistants got a finger in the eye ... i>

The judge looked at as Bergkamp's eyes, he almost burned a hole in his back. i>

How skillfully licked athlete bar! i>

Oliver Kahn vexation dropped the gloves and then played almost naked. i>

... and our forward falls in the penalty area! What does the judge? And the judge says that today the street is pretty cool, and it is necessary to rise from the ground. I>

did not finish the thirty-third minute of the first half, as immediately began thirty-fourth ... i>

Partners Tikhonov used for other purposes ... i>

Apparently, he went to change the wheel. I say "apparently" because I do not see this. I>

But that's not all ... There are allegations that the commentator - a person who is professionally interfere watch the broadcast. I would like to wish us all a little more real professionals at the microphones ...

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