Regularly, twice a day, this road has become the most dangerous place for car owners ...

The road that runs along the bottom of the Gulf of Burnёf and connects the island of Noirmoutier to the mainland of France, just unique. The fact that 2 times a day at this place is something unimaginable. The road called Passage du Gua regularly goes under the water. During low tide, it is literally a couple of hours protrude from under the water column, and is made available for transport. All the rest of the Passage du Gua hidden under water to a depth of 4 meters.

It should be noted that the length of the road is 4, 5 kilometers. It does not have such a long way, but quite dangerous. At the road there are large signs with the schedule of the tides. However, despite this, many people still fall into the trap. For the "lucky ones" whose water is caught by surprise, especially rescue tower built where people could ride out the tide, but in this case with their car, they can say goodbye once and for all.

The transition between the island and the mainland was detected in 1701.

In 1840, at the bottom of the Gulf of paved cobblestone road from the capital.

It's amazing, but true. Despite the fact that the Passage du Gua almost constantly under water, it is not destroyed, unlike our roads. B>

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