Seeing her picture, nobody believed this girl. But what she showed further dispel the doubts!

The World Wide Web are increasingly found photos of people before and after weight loss. Everyone is used to this phenomenon, and many no longer believe in these fairy tales. But as it turned out, these photos do not always fake.

Young girl Simon Oakland also published the photos before and after weight loss that caused an uproar. In the second photo is not seen the girl's face, and the figure is radically different from that on the ground. User response was so negative that came to insults. B>

Lady deeply wounded people left, so she decided to take a bold step: posted two photos, which clearly shows her face and sagging skin.

It is hard to imagine what suffering endured Simon on his way to a new shape. After surgery for gastric banding, the girl dropped 85 kg for 11 months! To return the tone sagging skin, Simon begins training at 5 am and the clock does not go out of the gym. The photographs clearly shows that the arms and legs, Simon look quite smart, but the result in the form of a huge amount of saggy skin on my stomach very hard.

In spite of all the difficulties, Simon does not give up and plans to remove the rest of the skin on his stomach surgically. By the way, the money for the operation, she collects on his page on the Internet. B>

Now she looks compelling, difficult to guess what tests she had to endure. Simon - a living example of that beauty - it's hard work on himself. Tell the story of this brave girl to your friends, because this example inspire change for the better!

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