Moscow, 1947, through the eyes of an American photographer. Rare footage, shedding light on the past of the USSR.

It took 2 years after the completion of one of the most terrible and major wars in the history of mankind. The famine of 1946-1947. I ended. As it seemed, bright, well-fed and happy future is not far off. After a couple of years after the end of World War II in the USSR delegation visited American photographers and journalists. These unique retro frames Moscow 1947 press photographers have been made popular in the West, the magazine LIFE. Since the magazine was an American photographer, then immediately arises the idea that parades and demonstrations shop windows were almost the only that he was allowed to take off. Still pictures come out very atmospheric and to some extent still capture the spirit of the time. Ready to time travel? Then why tarry ?! Forward!

I look at these pictures and suddenly remembered the words of EM Remarque's novel "Three Comrades": "It is here that you can understand what could and what could not reach mankind for thousands of years: it has created immortal works of art, but failed to give everyone of their counterparts at least plenty of bread. " I do not want to say anything ... to share these photographs with their friends.


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