This girl from the Ukraine created a furor in the German "Voice. Children. " The reaction of the judges speaks for itself ...

Anyone can achieve great things if they want, but when it comes to art, here, I think, without talent is not going anywhere. The heroine of today's article is called Salome Lukyanets. She - the niece of the world-famous opera singer, soloist of the Vienna State Opera, Ukrainian singer Victoria Lukyanets. The girl decided to speak in the German version of the show "The Voice. Children. " Having sung the song before successfully performed Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, straw, fall in love with not only the room, but also the judges. They have a few seconds turned to her, to see how a child could so professionally perform opera classics. Edition offers you to enjoy this wonderful performance now.

What can I say? Reaction Eurovision winner Lena Meyer speaks for itself. Such talents have not come across every day. Genes clearly played an important role. Share this video with your friends, let them also enjoy the creativity of Salome.

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