The woman - the basis of family well-being

The role of women in family life is impossible to downplay. After all, the relationship - it is the responsibility of women. While the men's zone - this achievement.

If a woman is able to behave properly, to develop female qualities, that many problems can be avoided, and the rest - will decide for yourself along the way. The strength of women's virtues are enormous. If a woman wants to, she can easily:

To appease her husband and children in difficult moments
Create a comfortable home for all conditions and atmosphere
Warm the soul of a loved one in a difficult moment
Create a little magic in the gray everyday life
To satisfy the needs and desires of their loved ones
Fill their hearts with the light and warmth
To appease an angry tiger in his wife
Unleash the true potential of each of the households
Forgiving mistakes and imperfections of their loved ones
Inspire your man on the exploits
His prayers to protect loved ones from the dangers
To help her husband to increase the welfare of the family
Establish relationships even those who are hopelessly "broken»
Turn dependent on hard liquor in a successful family man and
Make everyone in the house happy

All this may default any woman. She can, of course, and vice versa - to ruin the man to bring it to the handle or to the bottle, break up the family, a comfortable home to turn into a battlefield ... There certainly have enough options before your eyes.

Why did she not use their capabilities in creating good? Here are several options:

She does not know that she has options such
She does not know where her such a button
She does not want to do
She do not have the strength and energy
She did not know how to love
For each recipe your own. Someone needs to gain power, someone of knowledge, and someone overcome their selfishness. But it is important to know that all we can.

And most importantly - no bad wives. All we are trying as best we can, doing something to be happy. We are putting a lot of effort to make many adjustments and actions. The only problem is that often we do it in ignorance. We have no knowledge, no experience in the application of knowledge, there is no complete picture of the world. And then our staircase is not at that wall. We clamber on it hard, but do not get the desired result.

And often we do not have love inside. More precisely, it is, but somewhere very deep. Boarded up, hidden away in a cupboard. He sits back in the dark and waiting for the recall of it.

In the meantime, we call it the name of his lust, attachment, egoism, the desire to enjoy, pity, envy, and other characters. We are very often confused with the term, and then difficult to understand where the truth and a lie.

But what exactly is that women need to learn to love. A woman inside who did not light up the light, becomes empty and callous. And the most difficult to her to be herself. It is because no one knows how to love - even yourself. But if everyone else can get away from her, then by itself can not escape it.

A woman without love getting inside the lamp without bulb. Beautiful stuff, but absolutely useless in the economy. And the question is easily solved because - is to screw a light bulb, and is already on the light begins to pull people.

We do not really know how to love. We have no one taught by example, values ​​and objectives were different. True Love could learn from the holy people. For how few of us grew up on the stories of the Saints, mostly, we read tales of princesses and dragons. Now children and does grow on "Mickey Mouse».

And it turns out that each of us slept great potential. The potential of love, strength, energy and harmony. But we just do not know about it or do not know how to use.

Let me tell you a little about what the Scriptures say about women's roles. What should be the respectable wife - for her and that it is. To realize the ultimate goal of this training, which is good to get a child, but in our time - a huge fortune to receive at any age.

"Serve her husband always wish him well, equally sympathetic attitude to his relatives and friends carry the same vows as husband - here are four rules to be followed by the virtuous woman

A virtuous woman should tastefully dressed and wearing gold jewelry, to please her husband. Always neat and attractive, it should take care of cleanliness and order in the house: sweep floors and wash all the water and other means. She should take care of the household items, make sure that the house was always the smell of incense and flowers, and a willingness to meet the desires of her husband. Modest, honest, owning your feelings, she should speak with her husband tenderly and lovingly serve him, given the time and circumstances.

A virtuous woman should not be greedy and satisfied in all circumstances. It must skillfully lead the household chores and well-known laws of religion. It should always be careful and neat, and it it - nice and true. So virtuous woman should love to serve my husband, if he is not fallen.

The woman who serves her husband around following the example of the goddess of fortune, will certainly return home, back to Godhead, and with her husband, a faithful servant of the Lord, will live happily in the Vaikuntha planets ».

("Srimad Bhagavatam", a song of 7, ch. 11, verses 25-29).

Remember that you have been given power and authority in the relationship. And you need to change - for themselves and their ideas about herself. Understand the role, mission - and begin to follow it.

© Olga Valyaeva


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