Your father may have taught you something from this. But if he give it enough time, here's a bit of wise things that is useful to know every man ...

Never hit a man while he is not a threat to you.
Each headpiece should be of practical use.
Never Vod her to the movies on the first date.
Learn how to shave.

Nothing looks cooler well-fitting suit.
First shave hair growth. Then, if necessary - against.
Always look into the eyes of a man with whom you say.
Buy plunger before you need it.
Do not fall into the good guys frendzonu and boring.
Find what brings you the most pleasure, and try to figure out how to capitalize on this.
Do not let a small "head" think for most.
Show respect to all people equally, regardless of their social status.
Best what you can learn - responsibility. Bad things sometimes happen, your task - to cope with them.
The first person to get angry - lose.
Never complain. It does not simplify your task and accelerate its achievement.
Always try to learn something new.
Get out of the house in a way in which you are ready to meet the love of his life.
Never change yourself to bestow someone. Except when "someone" - it's you.
Always supervise your gestures.
Aim at human need only if you're going to shoot.
Always stand up when you press someone's hand.
To lend only the same amount with which you are internally ready to leave forever.
Listen more than talk. People like to be listened to.
Have several sets of work clothes.
Buy only high-quality tools.
A man should be able to stand not only for themselves but also for others.
When you walk, look straight ahead and not at his feet.
Do not be afraid to make decisions, which promise an interesting story.
If you - the smartest in the room - you're not in the room.
Luck loves prepared.
Engaged in a life by what you think is right, but always try to be the best in this business.
Nobody on his deathbed did not regret that a little work. Enjoy your life.
Exercises to make you happy. Running, swinging, playing sports.
Gentleman, first brushing his teeth, and then ties a necktie.
Always put a small portion of his salary.
Call parents at least once a week.
Never wear a tie with an elastic band.
Hold his hand confidently and firmly, but do not go too.
Praise her shoes.
If you're not confident, pretend sure. Eventually it will come.
About the size of a man can be judged by the size of things that excite him.


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