This mother of three children ceased to age: Candy Lo 50 looks 20

In the past, model, actress and winner of the title "Miss Asia 1991", the mother of three children, Candy Lo, now it seems as if it is not more than 30, but in fact she lived for half a century. Sometimes the same luck! After two years she went through a divorce Candy rose from the ashes like a bird Fenkis and created a furor by releasing 3,000 copies of his photo book, fans who bought a woman overnight. Surely Candy in the closet there is a portrait that ages instead neё.Professionalnye pictures Kendi

Such a body is not the majority of 20-year-old devushek

Grace and stat

The woman flawless kozha

Candy on secular meropriyatiyah

The figure and the face Candy envy at her rovesnits

She tries on different and sometimes daring obrazy

After all, she can afford it pozvolit

If you think that the images Candy Photoshop is a solid, then look at her pictures from everyday zhizni

Woman looking great every den

On Instagram Candy signed more than 12 thousand chelovek


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