We promise to be the most cynical post about men. In any case, before reading drink pill "Validol", and if does not help, then the bubble of pure certified snake venom. Happy reading everyone else.


Rule 1. If you are shy to take from a man too expensive gifts, I doubt that you deserve them, you can never be sure - you and they really do not deserve.

Rule 2. Accept gifts from the man is highly desirable before you, he had a first relationship ... Until a woman assigns to itself the price itself. After this price ... it appoints a man. We have a professional realtors saying: "After signing the contract the customer do not kiss on the lips┬╗.

Rule 3. Require the man more than he is able to give you, it is not necessary, since then he held his anger and take with you three times more. Then you will have to work out whether it is healthy, work out. All knees in blood erase!

Rule 4. Throw in the neck and all the assholes zhoposhnikov claiming to buy his beloved "Vertu" meaningless, as the phone is necessary in order to call. It is necessary to call him, but we need to show off in front pontovatsya and girlfriends and ex ....!

Rule 5. If he is a poor student with a large flaming heart and learns throw it nafig, he can learn forever! If you want to be the general's - you need to go marry general. The same applies to the "oligarchs in the future." This may be a long walk you visit a bunch of bald gvozdichek, chasing teas and talk eloquently about how happy and carefree becomes your life, after he signed the contract, and finally get rich.

Rule 6. If the guy have any obvious defects, or depending on with whom you are well, just can not accept in any way: it will have to accept. Shut up in a rag, and not displease him his tick. Cherished hope that you will be able to re-it is not worth it. This maternal instinct broke fate many women. The title of this post is subtitled: "STRICTLY FOR WOMEN". Now go down below and look who he commented. So what? After this, you still believe that men will listen to you? No, of course you can spend a lot of time, effort and nerves, and yet change it, but you personally, it makes no warranty as to bring his man in the end you can totally to the other.

Rule 7. Sometimes men, buying movie tickets, plane, or ordering taxis, manages to ask his companion a funny question: "What to take? VIP or economy? "Often women because of their modesty meet," Economy "or that they do not care. Answering this way, you immediately expose themselves SALE 90%, thereby giving to understand that you are - unpretentious girl and sweeter carrots in this life nothing is gnawed. The guy is very clever and resourceful. Our modesty it is economically vygodna.U investors also has its own professional saying "save - then earned!" Do not allow yourself to earn! What you need to answer? & Lt; VIP, of course! & Gt; - And shot the bastard look like they say he even turned the language to ask you is, that more such questions are not asked. In saving himself let fly!

Rule 8. Do not encroach on their freedom! Did not ask to marry. The guy now fearful as timid doe and as soon as he feels that it wants to put on a leash - tries to get away as quickly as possible. Instead, pretend that such proposals sypyatsya you daily in batches, the oligarchs in the hope of you on guard at the entrance to drop to your feet and give all their personal belongings - his hand and heart. And if he hesitated a little - the n ... will lead girl.

Rule 9. Remember, if the guy you something promised, it does not mean that he has already done and will do in general! Therefore, you should never believe him, and even more grateful for it upfront. Judge of men not by words but by deeds, and shopping!

Rule 10. If he is saving up for an apartment, encouraged him to shoot or go to hell. The key here is the word "hoard". A person who saves something, never spend on you! If he so much you like it, do not be offended that you give on March 8 porcelain cat Case for phone or perfume.

Rule 11 If a man says, "All my previous women were very materialistic and they want me to do was just money" - do not strive to prove the opposite. It is better to Spin the egg so that it is about ... eat! To the next time he spoke in the moonlight some quivering nymph: "All my past were materialistic. But the latter - was real ...! ┬╗

Finally. If a man allows himself to be used, it means to him to do so can and should be!


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