After a quarrel with a man every woman asks himself the same question: "why do men hurt and humiliate women?". The main cause of this male behavior is the desire to assert itself when it senses that a woman stronger, smarter and more confident. If a man neglect and humiliating refers to a woman just because the weak at heart, he should work on them and possibly turn to a psychologist. However, in most cases, women are offended by men due to the fact that their expectations are not met.

That women do not so?
Very often during a dispute because of ignorance of differences of female and male psyche, it comes to a serious quarrel and resentment on both sides. And to blame a man and a woman. How does a woman provokes quarrels and that it should change his behavior? Usually the woman provokes a fight that does not speak directly about their feelings.

That is, a woman does not express his displeasure and frustration, and instead begins to ask rhetorical questions to which unconsciously puts a sense of disapproval partner. Even if she did not want to put into words a promise to a man they felt it was his.

For example, a man came home later than expected. Emotion woman can express in these words: "I am so worried that you, something happened," or "I do not like it when you're late." However, instead of openly and directly share their feelings, she starts asking many rhetorical questions like, "How could you do this?", "What do you command think when the clock is already 12, and you all there?", "What are you I could not call? ยป.

His tone woman indicates that the man could not be a valid reason for the delay. Hearing the questions of this type, a man picks them disapproval, not real emotions of women. It seems that she accuses him of irresponsibility and tries to re.

All this is perceived as an attack against a man, and he begins to defend himself. While the woman completely unaware of how much their loved one hurts disapproval. In response, the man begins to explain to the woman that she was upset for nothing, devaluing her feelings than her very much hurt. As a result, a pair of quarreling and could not talk for weeks.


Remember when dealing with any man, especially if it is a loved one, how important to him approval. Approval for a man means that you take it, as you are and it can be good reasons for his actions. Try to always find the good side and remember them even in the most difficult moments, when you do not agree with his behavior.

It is also useful to learn to discuss differences and seek a solution that will satisfy both, while not falling to the mutual jabs and humiliation. Communicate in a respectful tone calm and remember that the purpose of a partner is not to hurt you, it just all the different senses.


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