7 tricks to manipulate MEN WOMEN

Some practical tricks that used by men to manipulate the behavior and feelings of women

Argued that the manipulation of men by women. Wanting to win the best man, which, of course, very popular, women resorted to various manipulations. However, not only women but also men resort to manipulation. For what? And what coined pickup? In order to receive pleasure with the women who attract men.

There are several types of male manipulation women:

1. Avoidance of a dispute or avoiding the topic.
When men do not have arguments to defend their case, it avoids any dispute. So as a woman seeks to resolve the conflict, discussing it with the man who avoids any conversation, it exposes her hysterical, making himself right. Or, another way to avoid confrontation: to steer the conversation to another topic. If a woman does not "be led", then it will again be considered hysterical, otherwise the man would take her stupid.

2. "And you was quite different ...."
These words can be heard from a man who has managed to not achieve the desired WAP. As a woman wants to be good in the eyes of others, it is lost when he hears, "I told everyone that you understand me. And you was not what ... ". Especially effective are these words on it when a man is going to meet with the people, he said something good about it. And not to fall in the eyes of others, she agrees with a man. And he pleased, because he managed to get what he wanted.

3. Reading your thoughts.
When a man is manipulating you, it suddenly becomes a psychic, able to read your thoughts. To get what you want, he begins to speak: "You think I'm handsome, I know it!" "You think I'm witty, that's for sure!" "You know that's not true!", Etc. It would be good if the man starts to read your mind, to make you feel! But no. If your gentleman suddenly said that you think, feel, or feel on any subject, he's just trying to have "programmed", ie unconsciously make you think that way, he says. Even if at first resists, then later you find that really think as he told you. But remember that this is pure manipulation.

4. "I love you!".
This phrase is often said in the very early stages of a relationship, somewhere on the way to bed or already in it. For women, it is most desirable that she wanted to hear, and for men it means the following: "We have time to sleep!". But they said a gentleman to cloud the mind and your partner get what you want.

5. Guilt.
More susceptible to guilt women can not resist the unspoken suggestion ... a man who a night or a few days a beautifully tended, and gave gifts in different ways trying to bring happiness to his chosen. If a man without a direct offer brings you to the bed, "umaschivaya way" different surprises, that only in this way he makes your retreat impossible. Why is that? Because you feel guilty for not having thanked the generous suitor.

6. "You're such a good one."
Another way to manipulate men are words such as: "You're such a good one!", "Do you understand me alone!" And etc. That is it, pouring you sad stories about his love life, and without natural affection, suddenly it starts to feel light and free. Why is that? Because you have listened to it, understand, support, you have a lot of things done, except for one - what he really up to you want. And while he is trying to make you "unique" in everything that you wanted to be the "only" and what he seeks from you.

7. Best friends.
If suddenly the man could not immediately get away from you desired, then he will do it through what will be your friend. "Why waste a nice person?" - He would say, explaining his proposal. And if you agree, then he will just wait for a convenient moment to achieve their goals when you partially or completely lose their vigilance. Whether it will happen when you parted with your loved one, or when your "friend" get drunk and tell you straight in the eye, how much you are loved, you are like his first love, he suffers in general has long been on you "eye I put ».

There are plenty of other men's manipulation of women, but the mechanism is always the same - to play on your women's sense of duty, guilt, instinct, or simply desire to be the best. If you do not know the man manipulating you or not, but feel some apprehension on his part, then just rasstantes him. After a serious womanizer and categorical denial disappear from your life, and will remain a real boyfriend, have altered their tactics.

Maria Dzhollima


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