20 interesting facts about human behavior

The factors of human behavior, which greatly affect its relations with the outside

Have you ever thought about why the people who surround you, behave, anyway? It turns out that there are several factors of human behavior that have a strong impact on relationships with others. And if you try to understand them, your life can become more positive and light.

So, here are 20 interesting facts about human behavior:

People with high levels of testosterone receive pleasure from the wrath of others.
People tend to humiliate others when it is not confident. Subjects who were told that they do not pass the test on IQ, expressed more national and religious prejudice than those who reported the highest results.
At the same time people sincerely believe that their negative opinion about other sincerely and has no connection with their downgraded opinion of himself. The humiliation of others helps to restore self-esteem.
The behavior of people affected by bodily sensations. For example, there is a strong association between the sensation of gravity and "importance", "serious", "weight". People assessed the person as more serious and stable, if his CV was applied in a heavy folder, and vice versa.
Similarly, the feeling of stiffness and hardness makes people inflexible. Sitting on hard chairs were more uncompromising in negotiations. Feeling rough surface causes in people a sense of the complexity in the relationship between people and the cold is closely associated with a sense of loneliness.
People tend to commit immoral acts or to carry out someone's request for assistance, if it is not necessary to make an effort and do not have to deny a person directly.
However, more people behave "as expected", if they have to take a moral decision in full view of anyone. In a direct request for assistance, the donation of the collection of signatures or less denied.
Lying requires a lot of mental effort. People at a time have to keep in mind a lie - to say it, and truth - to hide it. As a result, he says, more simple sentences and worse to cope with the tasks on intelligence.
As for people watching, they behave better. And the illusion of observation works too. It was enough to hang pictures eye cafeteria, so that more people become clean their dishes.
This behavior affects the morale of (yes). People lie, Betrayed someone or commit other immoral act, then a different estimate that there are good and bad.
Attractive fair appearance could easily mislead. People tend to trust more appearance than sincerity. Even professionals consider lying about honest people with honest manner in 86% of cases.
Ethnicity plays an important role even in the vote, and policy choices. Voters conclude competence of politicians on the maturity of the face and physical attractiveness. Of course, unconsciously.
More successful and wealthy feel more intelligent, wise, and so on, and vice versa. And often people tend to think that those who are successful and those on whose share fell suffering is deserved.
Happier not the one who has a lot of money, but one who has more than a neighbor. Part of this is based on a lot of money and frustration. People always compare themselves with their neighbors. Richer, they start to rotate in new circles, where people even more money, and rise above the others is not easy.
Anger increases in others the desire to possession. People are making more effort to retrieve the object that is associated with their angry faces. Previously, it was believed only a property of positive emotions.
The more complex the decision to be taken, the more people tend to leave things as they are. If the store too much choice, and people can not immediately determine which products best - they leave without buying.
When people feel they have no control over what is happening, they tend to see nonexistent patterns in unrelated pictures, and to believe in conspiracy theories.
People regret quick decisions, even if the results of their suit. It is important not the actual time allotted for the decision. It is important that if a person feels that the time was enough.
Not all risks are perceived equally. One and the same person can fearlessly jump with a parachute, but be careful not to object manager. Or train a tiger, but hesitate to get acquainted with a pretty woman.
There is a bright side of boredom. Bored people are often looking for ways to do good deeds because they are tired of fun and bring meaning to their lives.


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