10 stunning quality FOR GIRLS 40

If you ever appear even thought that after forty life for women over - remember this article with excellent quality, which have only 40 girls!

They've seen a lot.
Then he squinted.
Then he opened his eyes.
And we saw a new world, the new self, a new life.

1. They believe in a better again because the worst is usually with them already happened
And they survived - just to again believe in the best. They get the best: because they are able to see him, even where others do not see nothing at all. They look sharp, sensitive ears and gentle hands. Therefore, it is best to him and clings, and clings ...

2. They are beautiful
No, really - they're not pretty. They are amazingly beautiful, because they recognized that they had it here are the priests, it's such a breast, such noses and such leg. They have learned to love these priests, breast, noses, legs, so that now anyone fall in love with them. For example, easily fall in love here is the best ... They know the secret, the girls of 40.

3. They have already overeaten those jokes about the "millions", "career", "success" and "social statusĀ»
Now they know exactly what the most important thing - not what is shown on TV, write online, post in the social networks and tell the trainings. They are the most important thing about it know and keep quiet. About the fact that the main thing in life - life itself: its taste, color, rhythm, smell, the ability to enjoy and enjoy every day.

4. They do not have long-honed phrases harvested seduction techniques and rescue outfits output
They have ceased to be "active search". They find who they are so needed all these years - myself this. It turned out that such real, they are very, very interested in everything around them. Well, almost everyone, and worthy men - even more so.

5. They can cry again sobbing and laughing excitedly
They have retreated into their body armor social decency, demands, prohibitions and permissions. They hate the time when it was necessary to keep the back flat, no matter what happens, smile, even if you want to cry, and nod when you need to crack the stronger. Im tired to keep yourself in their hands, they hand unclenched - and freedom came alive, sensual, real ...

6. They live like breathing: it violently, then softly, then gently and almost inaudibly, then hastily and recklessly ...
Breathe to the rhythm of life, live in the rhythm of breathing. Finally, after 40, they began to receive it: to live in a time with life.

7. Girls 40 terribly curious
As it so happened that after the "Yes I know everything!" Begins "Oh, girls, how many nibble around!" And dancing, and yoga, and programming, traveling and cooking ... They create a life of their new strung beads, opened as the breath of talent, they paint pictures, paint the plates and conquer mountains. And they all get.

Girls 8. 40 aunt did not
They wear long skirts because it is very beautiful. And, too, are short and jeans. And different jewelry from the domestic to the Indian, thrown in boxes expensive "brand" jewelry. They also no longer need to prove that "and I have the diamonds." They need to like them. They do not want to know anything about the "fashionable", "trend" and "this season." They need to them personally - it is beautiful. And this is a lot of beautiful feminine, warm and friendly.

9. Girls 40 stop counting calories
Because love, interest, movement, passion, inspiration, work much better fitness rooms and plastic surgeons. Well - that's why they have become so beautiful ...

10. Girls 40 sent away for a long time all the time management, make speeches motivational and transformational speech
They know the value of every minute, everywhere have time, never late, because nowhere in a hurry.

Do not reach.
Do not fight.
Do not seek.
They just live.
And just know that even after 40 everything will be much more interesting ...

Author - Dobrianka


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