Why you deserve a husband who YOU ​​HAVE

The words of this woman for other women - a balm for the soul of modern man. Much of what it seems to be liberated women of the East and outrageous trampling on the rights of the conquered. They - hurt. And it makes you think - and yet something that is still there ...

Marina Targakova - practitioner, psychologist
and family therapist with 20 years experience.
Author of five inventions that have an international patent
in the field of psychiatry and endocrine diseases.
Member of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific
discoveries and inventions. Chief homeopath Republic of Kazakhstan.

You know, my experience is frightening. I think that soon serious marriages - and one to the "golden" wedding - even die.
Because people every year becomes less and less patience, ability to tolerate each other and cope with the difficulties together. The philosophy of modern society encourages people to meet their needs, and he is not going to reckon with someone else, he does not want to suffer, thinking, "I will throw it, then find another." But it is possible to conclude dozens of marriages like the deal, but did not become happier. Along with the growing affluence in people growing selfishness, individual values ​​supersede the family, priorities change, self-esteem. Now the price of an ordinary phrase "I deserve a better life!". Disappoint many - is not. It is - from pride. In fact, everyone has such a satellite it deserves. How much it invested so much and gets that soweth, and it reaps.

Imposed values ​​
If we think that our society creates, we impose these values ​​the media and people in general are weak - it is not so! Blame people because society - a man. And first of all blame the woman. Incidentally, I categorical opponent of the so-called women's emancipation.

Many believe that this is nonsense, and I like modern man, a doctor, and I write to you now, and your family in another city. Or you think that I just probably got lucky and loyal to her husband, for example, in my work, which requires constant trips ...

No, my husband fell on top of me as an angel, as I am not a cherub, nothing human is alien to us both. Twenty years - a long time, and it was in our lives a lot. The most important thing I learned - do not put pressure on a man to trample his male ego. When the quarrel happened, I looked at it as a private university. For example, something my husband did not take categorically, and although at first I was inside all rebel protested, I nonetheless found the strength to transcend selfishness, resigns himself to become even more attentive, compliant, and it awakened in response to the knighthood the desire to support me, to help understand. Then there is something new, and he got up again to "buck" and I changed into something else. This - is not easy, it is a permanent job, but without the woman in the family is not a real man.

I am against unbridled which modern woman understands emancipation. However, I have great respect for women creatively implemented., Bright talented individuals And this is not an avatar that looks at us from the pages of glossy magazines and on the screen. Look at them, it's mostly "vamp" - a predatory gaze, voice calling, a willingness to go over the head in order to achieve personal goals and in fact actually it is very strong, achieves all the goals, but unfortunately, this Women are more likely and will not be happy. You can submit a number with a "mom-vamp" baby? Image somehow does not fit, there is no power of motherhood is perhaps easier to imagine the scorched desert.

Trouble woman that she decided that her freedom in permissiveness, and the men are to blame for the fact that to live with it. They are so comfortable, though a sense of satisfaction in the soul of this either. So every year a growing number of depressed people caught in mixed roles ... And the output is that they both need to take a measure of responsibility, begin to carry out their duty, to go their own way. Otherwise, the family will die.

Yes, it is not the traditional time for today's thought.

Higher targets
My mother was a Christian and a Muslim father. Moreover, one grandfather was a priest, and the other - an imam. I thoroughly studied Christian literature and Sufi works, but stopped in the Vedic philosophy. In fact, in the depths of all traditions are no differences. In any religion, God is love, and the rest - the policy. And love is service, because any tradition the Lord - the Supreme Person, and you - a servant of the Lord.

There are several degrees of faith. Saints, those who carry the Word of God, Mohammed, Buddha or Christ. It is those whose level of consciousness is high enough to respect and compassion for others. Besides them, there are people with high spiritual level of development, they serve different and even if working on someone, it is only on himself, on his own pride, anger, envy, greed ... They are those who really do not focus on the "mote" in the eyes of the other, and try to get the "log" of your own eyes. But, unfortunately, the world is dominated by those who see in all the difference. And the goal is not to see their service to the Lord, and in imposing his idol others. And this - from the lack of faith. And lack of love and all the wars - from them. But the main task of man, all my life asking myself questions and seek answers to them, Who am I? Why live? how to achieve their ultimate goal of life?

I consulted many influential people, and their main problem is that they can not understand the reasons for their dissatisfaction, emptiness of achieving their goals. This personal conflict, when a man is unable to realize that the leader - this is not master and servant. And the energy he gives it to the service of others and not just ourselves.

And then a man cleans the missionary charity. But the giving does not impersonal, like a mercy. In the Vedas, there is a separate "science of charity." According to her it is necessary to take care of the impoverished. But you can only help with food, clothing, medical supplies, that is the compassion that you converse with him, find out what he really needs, give him time, attention. But in any case, not money. If you give money, you communicate with the karma that is taking part of his destiny, often miserable. Money can be given only to those who are spiritually higher than you, pious, that is holy to the temples or on the dissemination of knowledge, such an exchange is beneficial.

In general, everything in this world demands commitment, harmony is exchanged. But today it is displacing unnatural values. Take common today books that say how to manipulate a woman to quickly achieve the desired, and at this time, women are read books, how to win a man - not how to serve her husband, and how to use it - how to gain wealth without doing anything to lose weight while continuing to eat. Such are the strange technique, when a man instilled the idea of ​​consumer recoil in return.

World save the woman, her wisdom. It all starts with her.
Only the wise mother will bring up these sons, the right men. "Great," the woman is not able to put a man to a decent place to be wise, it comes through the lessons of humility, skipped through the heart. We must abandon the pride and accept to put up with a total for all the holy scriptures are true - happiness flows from man to woman and from her children. The energy of respect for the man to remain, even if the parents are divorced.

We must understand one simple thing - you are already home, and there's nothing you can do, the relatives will stay anyway. And if the family is something "wrong", say - then you need to change the wife and mother.


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