How to connect to satellites and to fulfill a childhood dream

Dmitry Pashkov of Mordvinian city Ruzaevsky 28 years old - an age when many of us have already decided on their professional future and they even manage to achieve certain professional heights. Dmitry exception in this sense - in a positive sense. By profession he is a system administrator, but by vocation - a radio amateur. A few weeks ago he became famous all over the country, taking over at the time of the solar eclipse of March 20 the signal from the current Russian weather satellite "Meteor-M2." I got in touch with Dimitri and he kindly agreed to share their experiences - to explain how any of us can establish itself "relationship with the cosmos" and ensure that what each of us dreamed as a child - to see the Earth from space.

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About Dmitry and his achievement wrote several online publications, but did not have time to pick up a radio amateur "star disease". And all the hype in the media it more frustrating than happy: "Do not I have no hero, tired already, to be honest." However, his achievements have appreciated in the profile of the organization and in the near future Dmitry can move to Moscow to work in the JSC "Russian Space Systems».

- Dmitry, let's just start with the refutation or confirmation of the rumors: there was a proposal from the RCC? B>

- Oh, I do not like this theme, to be honest. I've read a lot and heard enough in his address. What I've done, can do, if not all, the many. And from me some hero made straight. And I'm not like that. Let me explain.
Firstly I do not like publicity, and the less I know, the better. Secondly, make a direct such a sensation, say, a guy from a certain village took so and so (and many do not understand what it was about) and that now it is now called, and sex workers. Almost a plot for a movie - Provincial noticed in Moscow, and all become happy.
That's what I do, do people across the country and even the world. Can call any of them. Just my case was made public. Of course, the photos that I took to get the inexperienced ham would have been difficult. The reason - in the remote machine, in my case, because of the removal of the Arctic Circle near the unit was on the horizon.
I do not argue: I have a lot of experience in the reception, search, identification and reanimation devices. And take a normal picture is no problem. And who knows about my capabilities and experience, he just laughed. But from the hype in RuNet appeared certain loop and on foreign websites. And I'm collaborating with various universities and private organizations around the world to spoil the reputation and do not want to. Why spoil? Because the people "in the subject" is meant that I did not do so special, and noise - if discovered a new celestial body in the solar system.
For example, what services I really think are important: I recognized the legendary COSMOS 2499 < / a>, the unit found WREN and a couple of others, receive signals from Phobos-Grunt, which never flew, reanimated machine COMPAS (pictured below).

Against this background, getting photos from meteorological satellites - nothing.

Note. auth .: It is important to add that Dmitry many times have received appreciation from even heads of state. For example, from the President of Lithuania, because he was one of three radio amateurs who have received their first signal from the satellite. Then there was the gratitude from the leadership of Estonia. Dmitry has repeatedly held a session with the astronauts on the ISS, his personal callsign R4UAB. I>

- If you believe the media again, then you are a system administrator profession and vocation - radio amateur. Tell us about your childhood, education and career choices. B>

- I graduated from the National Research Mordovia State University named after NP Ogareva, Department of "Radio". A love for radio grandfather instilled in me. I remember him in the evenings soldered chip, I started taking in his example. His first radio soldered in 12 years. And very proud of what he did. After she heard the voices of ham radio setup - more
10 bands. Since the license was not, I could only listen to the voices. Remember what felt delight. Later radios were purchased for children, we have to communicate with one another through them. And once we connected to somebody else.
With 17 years I worked in the factory and on the first salary bought the first wearable power station in life. Received a license, call sign, went on the air and became acquainted with Ruzaevsky hobbyist.
As a consultant for kids mug "Young Kulibin" I established cooperation with the City of Science "Skolkovo" (company "Dauria"). Ruzaevsky students-radio gather information on the whereabouts of sea and river vessels from three satellites and send it to the company for further processing. For children - it is an invaluable experience with radios.

- How did it happen that a system administrator? B>

- Programming and maintenance of PC I studied independently. Once upon a time there was a problem creating and maintaining the network in our area. Sami had hooked a few dozen houses, apartments. Internet in the years just appeared, and we are advanced amateurs, too, wanted to be part of a global information system. And, of course, decided to share this blessing with neighbors. In general, having fun as they could. And went to work as a sysadmin. Now that the regional network has not, but then I got the experience invaluable.

- And now come to the most interesting part - what you have done such a complex that Russian space systems pay attention to you? B>

- I did not do anything complicated. Any radio amateur, having at least some experience, be able to take pictures from meteorological satellites.

- If your actions in these no big deal, let's write out step by step procedure that anyone could see the Earth from space, or look into the depths of outer space. Which satellites in principle, you can connect and how to not? B>

- The word "connect" here does not fit. We just accept signals that come from satellites, and then with the help of special software to process and get the result.
For beginners, I recommend the simplest equipment: RTLSDR-receiver and antenna kvadrifilyarnuyu. Price receiver - 1000 rubles, and the antenna can be collected himself, although there are "store" options.
A satellite tracking program recommend Orbitron. And not to get lost in the huge number of satellites, where 90% do not work, you can install the update from my ​​server , where I am all the workers and interesting devices.
Frequency of the satellites and their modulation is described here .
Program to add frequencies to the program Orbitron is here .
If you purchased a receiver, you need to connect it to the program Orbitron. How to do this can be found here .
Connecting necessary to compensate for the Doppler effect, as the satellite is constantly in motion, so there is a shift frequency.

- So, success depends on the receiver and antenna. Tell us more about the antenna - how to build and how to set up? B>

- Kvadrifilyarnaya helical antenna (CSA) is a multi-element antenna system consisting of several emitters. These transducers can be connected to the power circuit, which forms at the inputs of elementary radiators with the required drive voltage amplitudes and phases.

In CSA four elements, each of them - the helical conductor which is excited from the stripline circuit power output. In the ideal case, the power supply circuit produces the incident waves with equal amplitude and phase shift of 90 degrees.
The antenna consists of two frames relative to each other rotated by 90 degrees in phase. Hence the circular polarization, and since the two elements, the gain of 4-5 dB depending on the height-width ratio. And the antenna is bent in a spiral, like bending over, and the diagram "bulge" up. In fact, the radiation pattern of the spiral wire extends beyond a lower side of the loop by analogy director reflector, in this case upwards. If you change the phasing of the power antenna, the radiation pattern will be the same, but the hemisphere is facing down. The result is a very suitable antenna for satellite communication diagram it - hemisphere pointing upwards. Spin is not necessary, the circular polarization, and even gain of 4 dB. And bandwidth in the UHF range very decent.
Radiation pattern of the antenna and its kvadrifilyarnoy gain:

General view

Adjusting the antenna is reduced to the tension / compression framework and scapular elements to 2 mm. Properly assembled antenna almost does not need to be tuned. Here are some tips tips for setting. Setting should only be done on the roof (not in the room). The basis of the antenna - it is an insulator. Distance to metal objects, it is desirable to make at least 3 meters.

The characteristics of the antenna cable: i>
Cable Type RG-58 a / u
Impedance -50 ± 2 ohms
Cable capacity -83, 94 pF / m
Velocity factor -1, 26
The diameter of the central core -0, 94 mm
Conductor Material -TC
The diameter of the insulator 2, 9 mm
Dielectric material -FPE
The outer diameter of the shell -5, 03 mm
The shell material -PVC
The main screen -DF
The density of the main screen -100%
Configuration braid -16x7x0, 12 mm
Material opletki- TC
Density braid -97%
Detailed specification:

TC - Tinned Copper
FPE - physically foamed polyethylene
PVC - polyvinyl chloride
DF - double-sided aluminum foil on the basis of Mylar
Schedule attenuation RG-58 A / U:

The book "Simple Science» h5> On this occasion, I recall that not so long ago came fourth book series "Simple Science» scientific and set to it.



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