Pedal Rod for home appliances

We all know how effective the bicycle as transportation. A couple of minutes - and you drove kilometer with a minimum of effort. For urban distances up to about 8 km it is also the fastest mode of transport which overtakes a car, and subway.

If the bike is so effective, why not use it not only as transportation but also for other applications? For example, to run appliances? As shown by DIY-experience Engineer Jobs' Ebenezer (Job S. Ebenezer), on the pedal-powered water pump work great, circular Saw, mini-mill and other devices.

The design of the proposed device is extremely simple to them. You just need to move the chain to the rear wheel for an additional unit, which is mounted on the frame.

If necessary, the chain is transferred from the wheel on the block and vice versa. Bike fully retains its quality as a vehicle.

There is no intermediate step in the form of electricity generation, so that the efficiency of this conversion is very high. The only pity is that the unit can be used with devices where there is an element of torque, so that the energy not supplied any appliance. However, the country is simply irreplaceable thing: no need of expensive motors or gasoline or electricity. Just put a child on a bicycle - and he gladly pedals.

The author points out all the materials needed for modification, and applies assembly instructions.

Job Ebenezer himself suggests that such cheap and versatile gadgets are especially popular in the poor countries of Africa. There, people often ride bicycles, electricity is in short supply and is widely used child labor, so that the pedal rod for technology - simply ideal.



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