Watch as Christmas gift

After a successful first campaign, our magazine, in conjunction Fashion Store hours, prepared for the upcoming holidays you an excellent opportunity to choose the best watches at the best price.

Acquisition of hours, especially in the present, difficult enough. As for the choice of any accessory, you need to present yourself as a future owner of these watches. But that's not all. It is desirable to know the tastes and preferences of the object of your attention.

Let's imagine that all we have in stock. What to do? Just visit the store physically or comfortably in your favorite chair and visit the online store Especially because you already have a promotional code, which in December will give 10% discount on all watches. In the previous article we introduced you with only a minor part of the range of this store, so we offer to continue the acquaintance with the most attractive, in our view, models.

Retro model of futuristic Switch from the legendary Yasushi Kimura became an ode of praise in honor of the time when the world of electronics was only at the dawn of the era of breakthrough. Visually, watches mimic the normal chip. Office clock using the toggle switches make use of more sophisticated Switch and original.

To understand what modern classic, just look timepiece Sometimes, designed by Denis Guidon (Denis Guidone), which deals with the issue of US-based Projects Watches. Beautiful, accurate, made in a minimalist style model literally attracts the eye. Especially good solution devised for the second hand.

From mechanical to electronic minimalism move. Original model Mutewatch Nova only at first glance, it seems the most simplified. In fact, these functional electronic watch is very powerful. Activation of the screen is simple shake of the wrist, or simply by touching the screen with your finger.

Sevenfriday brand for quality performance and design may well compete with trademarks Laksheri segment. But in addition to traditional Swiss reliability and accuracy, watches of this brand are significantly different in price. Plus, add here another innovative vision of each individual model. Perhaps one of the best gifts - watches Sevenfriday. We even find it difficult to single out any particular model. They are all elegant. See for yourself.

In conclusion, I would like to note that by visiting the online fashion store hours, you're sure to find something to your own taste. We only share the information note.

As for the 10% discount, all you have to do is enter when purchasing promotional code * REACTOR *.

CAUTION Promo code is only valid until 31.12.2014.
Happy all and good shopping!


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