Taisha Abelar 1995. Excerpt from the interview

Nine ways to offset the assemblage point - a way in which trained students of Don Juan; they are harmonious and perfectly harmless, if they engage in leisurely, with sincere dedication. These nine methods can be used either alone or in combination with others. Here they are:

1. Tensegrity
2. Recapitulation
3. Not-doing
4. Small (Home) tyrants
5. Technique careful contemplation
6. Full (internal) silence
7. Complete discipline and perfection of action
8. Dreaming
9. Stalking

(Note: The methods are listed in order of increasing awareness. This is necessary in order to properly learn each of the methods. The last two ways - dreaming and stalking - quite sophisticated and require that prior to practice awareness (luminescence energy) rose even higher the level of the ankle.)

1. Tensegrity
... Tensegrity exercises leads to the fact that the intention heightens the sense of awareness; as a result, new energy glowing fibers, which, in fact, cause a shift of the assemblage point.
... Clara demanded that Taisha passes performed with maximum concentration and complete inner silence, adding that the energy body itself will tell her what to do next.

2. Recapitulation

Recapitulation - a technique of ancient magicians, invented for the energy of bond breaking with the past. It frees us from the stranglehold of past perceptions that hinder us from perceiving new incentives to life. In addition, the recapitulation leads to relaxation "overstressed" energy fibers, and it allows us to experience the emergence of new fibers in our energy cocoon. A controlled folly allows us to capture the immediacy of new experiences, so as not to tie them later. Pushing the awareness back to the old energy fibers, examining every detail of the past, and then returning to the present, with the help of breathing exercises, we relax our assemblage point.

In addition, the recollection reveals the entire list of our own actions and reactions - our basic canvas of life - which allows the following recapitulation opportunity to discover new actions (which are then converted into "not-doing»).

3. nedelaniya
In essence, it means not to use anything from the old arsenal of actions and reactions. Recapitulation gives us a list of them, giving a moment for reflection. When the magician works in a completely unfamiliar to him the manner in his power luminous cocoon, new fiber. As a result, the same energy body wakes from torpor respond. Start with soft destruction of small interactions, gradually reaching possibilities completely reject the idea that the world is absolutely certain and invariable manner.
Not-doing - it's just the usual breakdown of communication. For example, you can perform everyday activities with the wrong hand, for which it is familiar. You also do not-doing, making something that goes beyond your usual inventory. This can happen, for example, in a stressful situation (such as a mother discovered that her child is in danger, is suddenly able to lift anything weighing thousands of pounds). Such moments make us change our own idea of ​​what we can do.

4. Petty tyrants

Sorcerers maintain that our extreme interest in themselves and a sense of self-importance (ie, self-reflection) are the reason that the assemblage point of our bodies are not able to move. How to get rid of unnecessary thoughts about yourself? There are three ways to do this:

1. Embody abstract, or controlled folly. The peculiarity of our perceptions makes us think in some cases that we are more important than it actually is; in fact, it is only necessary to look around to realize that everything that surrounds us - the trees, the animals, voladores etc., - it is only a form of energy.

2. resort to petty tyrants - they are everywhere and they are able to help in solving the problem of self-importance. Petty tyrants always naked existing in ourselves bottlenecks.

3. Admit to yourself - you are mortal. What kind of special self-importance can then talk about? (Such awareness as ruthlessness, leads to a shift of the assemblage point.)
However, after a small (home) defeated tyrants, there is a danger of exaggerated sense of self-importance and superiority over others. Never use petty tyrants for self-aggrandizement. For example, Carlos once saw a friend named Clifford, who walked with a shaved head and a bunch of heads of garlic that hung on the bare stomach. Clifford was "dude", trying to prove that he is able to do everything, and, moreover, better than others. He-making and control of petty tyrants should be quiet, no noise, and just that no one knew about it - in any case, not a group or society.

5. Perception intently

Steadfastly behold - it's not just a watch; is a cross between vision and perception. Technique gaze helps us get rid of the belief that the world consists of concrete objects. Careful contemplation invented to break the tendency of our perception to see the world subjectively.
Taisha not practice recommends a closer look at the clouds, as the return from this state and it is extremely difficult to recommend this technique can only be experienced magicians. Better use of sand, gravel, leaves or trees (not worth closely contemplate trees in a bad mood, for this purpose the best fit ocean or skyline, since the ocean is big enough to absorb all without a trace of negative emotions).

Florinda Grau method is to take a quick look, as if grabbing objects that do not belong to this environment. But it overloads the visual apparatus. You can also use the sliding gaze, looking round in a vertical or horizontal plane. You can contemplate the leaves carefully, trying to outline each leaf or counting their number, this can lead to an abrupt change of state when the leaves disappear from sight, and the foreground and background are swapped.

Withstand such a change for a long time is quite difficult, but you do not need it. This is only a technique that allows to break the conventions of past perceptions, returning to the principle of direct perception.

6. The inner silence

The method is to gradually, second to second, increase the duration of inner silence. To achieve inner silence, some Buddhists use a stick with one end stuck in the ground, and the second rests on the forehead. You can also light a match and, lowering the tip into the water to gaze as the flame slowly progressing on the match, gradually bringing the total silence. Once reaching the critical point of silence, then you can easily call this state and to increase its duration.


Discipline itself has nothing to do with military regulations; but perfection is to invest in any company the maximum concentration and unbending intent without any claim to compensation. Sorcerers say: all you need to do so as if it were your last action in this world. Impeccability actions makes you invulnerable to the flyers (in essence they are neither bad nor good; they are only part of the primordial universe).


In the understanding of the magicians they are not ordinary sleep; The term implies that the level of control of dreams, which you can fix it in your assemblage point. To fix the assemblage point at any point where dreams are entered, you need the ability to track their dreams. No matter what Dreamers; importantly, how do you manage to fix your assemblage point in the dream, and how long you can keep this status. Someone fixed the assemblage point in dreaming, can return there many times, while the other, waking in the dream begins to find its position (being in a dream, you need to engage in any desired action that will allow you to wake up).

Later, fully back in this world, we can repeat all the movements you make, when "snovideli reality" - this will re-connect your energy and physical body.

9. Stalking

Sorcerers believe that you must first learn how to track yourself through the recapitulation. To do this, first you need to tell the whole rigidity yourself the truth, who are you and what is your life. In the process of remembering Taisha learned that she was extremely annoying personality (as, indeed, many of us) that would not stop at anything, just to get what you want. Don Juan even called her "I-Want-It". In addition, she found that not able to feel the location of other people.
When Nelida tried to take basic steps to disclose the assemblage point Taisha Taisha literally exploded, completely bruising Nelida their whims; When she returned to her normal state, her assemblage point is still vibrating, although not moved an inch (engine idling). The incident is so excited about the group of Don Juan that Taisha decided to place among the trees to her assemblage point forcibly took a new position.
It was there, in the green crown, Taisha first began to feel human feelings - for example, she has learned to feel the trees, which seemed to her before strangers. Taisha also realized that trees are exchanged whole package of feelings, using different energy fiber. When it finally stabilized the assemblage point (it took about two years), she is the stalker, gave the second installation - this time in the style of the ideal woman ingenue who is looking for a husband.
This turn was full of drama: in fact there, among the trees, she was physically strong, even athletic, she belonged to the surrounding nature and rather focused on the male type. Even her assemblage point began to change his position, turning outward, as in men (most women assemblage point is turned inward). During the year, she played the role of a Madden Rigaud, doing French, learning the secrets of the kitchen, etiquette, and so on. E., Becoming an enviable lot. She even got a few marriage proposals.
However, this period ended unexpectedly when she fell in love completely unworthy of man - it was defrocked priest, "a clumsy redneck." That was a very difficult young man - compulsive, obsessed with guilt and a bunch of the most diverse systems. For days he went to city buses and hanging around the churches. Taisha, playing the role of Madeleine, decided that to save him - and hung it among the tree tops! Once she cope with this problem, poor fellow finally gone mad. Scandal erupted, and the role of Madeleine had to end.
The next task for Taishi was the role of Alfonsina - beggar. It proved to be very far from the old ingenue pampered. Don Juan "hired" beggar-woman, so that she played the role of a mother newly made beggars. This woman and Taisha taught all the tricks of begging for alms. Seeing dirty shack that served the woman abode, Taisha immediately decided to quit this occupation and finding don Juan began to beg him to let her go back. But don Juan replied that she had already made her choice and now she is either throwing everything back into their world, or dive into the "abyss", remaining Alfonsin.
The moment awareness Taishi was quite high, and she was able to convince myself to go back to mud huts to this Alfonsine. Only a clear discipline and unbending intent allowed Taisha honored to pass this test. Severe conditions have helped to break the senses: Taisha felt love for his "mother" - impoverished Alfonsine. However, she did not feel any shame or regret. It lasted more than a year, until a woman is good to Taisha Taisha yet persuaded to come to her house, wash the body and hair with makeup beggar ... Thus ended the life beggar Alfonsín.
Fourth, and last, mandatory for stalking Taishi image was a man named Ricky. Ricky was a young American who was madly in love with life and get excited about all the little things that we in everyday life do not even notice. He always enjoyed given the opportunity, but the main pressure he is under realization of the fact that his role will end sooner or later.
When to get rid of the ego and inflated self-esteem, it becomes easier to break into a parallel universe. Being on the other side of it, you hear the voice of a parallel universe, which tells you a dreamer messenger from there (the messenger always says a female voice). There, in a parallel universe, you can interact with inorganic beings which sorcerers of antiquity called "allies».
Dreamers can penetrate their world, and then slow down the speed of your life, equaling their speed. With the help of a ... (I did not hear what the word here used the Taisha) stalkers can change their own speed; while the same voice telling them what they should do to slow down. Two beings from a parallel universe, which is in contact Taisha, its parts have penetrated into our world, in our perception. Many times they took her with him on a journey through the most different corners of that other universe. But it is available to us. In turn, she showed them the horrors of the second attention (sometimes they are so scared that about a year did not come to it). However, she found no less terrible things in their world.
In the world of the inorganic beings arises surprisingly pleasant feeling that you swim or move with great speed. Inorganic creation - is being "female"; they aspire to masculine energy, which is very rare in the universe, so men do not get too often to visit them. Women are able to penetrate into the tunnels inorganic consciousness simply seeking total internal silence.
Once the ancient magicians were disappointed in the inorganic beings, not getting a meaningful rewards from the forces they ruled through the inorganic beings (these forces helped to prevent a Spanish invasion). But Castaneda's group found that the inorganic beings can feel affection - the most natural, sincere affection, which is comforting as anything else. That is why they help magicians, feeling completely free and does not require any reciprocity. Feeling regret the fact that our lives are much shorter, they find their motivation in helping us. If you enter into contact with them on the basis of deep affection, they may extend the response your attention span.

Do not feel similar to Faust? From the point of view of common sense, the representatives of the world look like a sort of inorganic devils - because they are interested in expanding our awareness to the limits bordering eternity. Old Nagual said that it was our cousins, existing in parallel with us. Penetrate their world - that's the only way to increase our capacity. They themselves do not have the same selfish intent to do it for us and for us.

Don Juan had once said that the universe is literally soaked in waves of affection in which splashing inorganic beings (here enters affection that we feel for other people, trees, and representatives of the inorganic world). Do not let a wave of affection, deep inside you - because thanks to her spirit finds freedom of movement and tends to infinity. After that you will feel full and fearlessness own abandonment; but fit a call (internal dialogue?) - and you say, "So what?"


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