Death as an adviser

 - Death - our eternal companion - said Don Juan very serious tone. - It is always left us at arm's length. She is always watching you. And it will be observed until the day when she pat you on the shoulder.

 - How can I feel so important person when you know that death is constantly on your trail? - Asked don Juan.
I felt that the response is not required. However, in any case, I was not able to say anything. Completely new mood came over me.

And don Juan continued:

 - When you're impatient or irritable - Look to the left and ask advice from your death. Weight petty peel off instantly fly away if death will give you a sign, or if the corner of your eye you caught her movement, or simply feel that your companion - always there and always watching you closely.

The only truly wise adviser that we have - it is death. Whenever you feel, as often happens with you that things are going from bad to worse, and you're on the verge of total collapse, turn left and ask her death, is this true. And your death will tell you that you're wrong, and that in addition to her touch nothing that really would make a difference. Your death will say, "But I have not touched you!»

Don Juan shook his head, as if waiting for my reaction. But I had nothing to say. Thoughts at a furious pace followed one another. In my conceit was dealt a devastating blow. In light of the death of my irritation at Don Juan looked so petty!

 - Yes, - he said softly after a long pause. - One of us must realize again that death hunts for each of us, she is always there for our left shoulder. One of us had to turn to death for advice to get rid of incompetent pettiness inherent in the people who live as if they will never die touches.

© 1972 by Carlos Castaneda.


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