15 quotes of Don Juan

1. Do that, like a dream. Act boldly and do not look for excuses.

2. does not explain too much. When you explain why you can not do this or that, in fact, you apologize for its shortcomings, hoping to listen to you and just be kind to them.

3. To extract the maximum out of life, a person must be able to change. The most difficult thing is to have the intention to change.

4. I never anyone not angry. No one person can not do anything that would deserve this my reaction. People are angry, when you feel that their actions are important. Nothing like a long time I did not feel.

5. You should always remember that way - it's just way. If you feel that you should not go on it, forsake it.

6. You now can not understand me because of the habit of thinking the way you look.

7. If you do not like what you get, change what you give.

8. The main obstacle to most people - the internal dialogue. When a person learns to stop it, everything becomes possible. The most incredible projects become feasible.

9. People usually do not realize that at any moment can throw out your life anything. At any time. Instantly.

10. The only truly wise adviser that we have - it is death. Whenever you feel that things are going badly and you're on the verge of collapse, turn left and ask her death, is this true.

11. Each goes his own way. If you go with pleasure, then it is your road. If you feel bad - at any time, you can get away with it, no matter how far gone. And it would be right.

12. We require all our time and all our energy to defeat the idiocy in itself.

13. The trick is, what are the challenges ... Each of us makes himself or herself miserable, or strong. The volume of work required in the first and in the second case - the same!

14. To become a man of knowledge, you need to be a warrior, not nagging child. Fight, not surrender, without complaining, without retreating to fight as long as you will not see. And all this only to realize that there is nothing that would make a difference.

15. The Wonders at the moment, it may well be your last act on earth. In the world there is no force that can guarantee you that you will live at least another minute.

For sorcerers ruthlessness - is not cruelty. Ruthlessness - the opposite of self-pity and self-importance. Ruthlessness - is sobriety.

Carlos Castaneda, "The Power of Silence"


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