Women in prison in Brazil (21 photos)

In Brazil, some children continue to be unfree.

Children most of them black, live in prison with their convicted mothers. These children have committed no crime, for many years been abused, used drugs and face poor conditions. In the state of Bahia, there institution controlled by the Catholic nuns who support the family and takes some of the children and adolescents. There they are fed and trained. But some prisoners accused authorities of kidnapping, since children can not see with their natural parents or can give up for adoption to other families. These children were also forced to pay to Catholicism.

Mother is waiting for a meeting with her son at the prison gates. The poor black children born in prison (or whose mother went to prison) are more at risk to get involved in crime than white children and free people. In Brazil, there is a law to protect vulnerable children, but it is rarely enforced. As a result of the children left without care and support meet the grandmother living in freedom.

2. Conclusion of returning to prison after a visit to a local hospital. In prison, there is the separation surgery, but serious medical operations are not in the main building of the prison. Trucking prisoners - not an easy process. Often the case, the attempt of escape.

3. Dona Maria - a former prisoner. She comes to the prison to his daughter, who awaits sentencing for shoplifting. She brings her grandchildren 9-year-old Junior and 4-year-old Victoria - and the responsibility she feels too big.

4. Dona Maria - a former prisoner who now comes to her daughter in prison, convicted of drug trafficking. Every visit to the prison, she feels humiliated, as the guards stripped her with a flashlight inspect her sexual organs for drugs. It is also hard to bring up their grandchildren.

5. The 19-year-old Michelle Damaches and Ingrid. Michelle and her partner was arrested for distributing crack cocaine.

6. Michelle Damaches feeds her daughter, who is only nine days old. The prison is open to visitors on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is a chance to communicate with the world outside the prison walls. In the space to meet the family room are divided not only the news, concerns and experiences but also share a physical space.

7. The 33-year-old Rozangela and her year-old son Pedro. Rozangelu was jailed for one year 11 months and 10 days for international drug trafficking. Pedro was born in prison.

8. Pedro was born in prison. His mother, 33-year-old Rozangela (left) is serving a sentence for international drug dealing. She was caught when she tried to fly to Spain with cocaine. According to the law of Brazil, the child can not remain in prison after two years, but in many cases the prisoners are so poor that they can not afford to send a child to a shelter, and children are forced to live with them.

9. The inmates look after each other (and for the children of other inmates) until the next flare internal conflict. 29-year-old Anthony Lucia has a dependency on cocaine. In this photo, she holds a child of his cellmates.

10. In prison, no doubt, difficult. Women find support and solace from each other, as the authorities do not help them. Pregnant prisoners are very vulnerable, and care for them other cellmates. In contrast to the widely accepted opinion, the fact that some prisoners are guilty of heinous crimes, does not deprive them of friendship and compassion.

11. During the visits to the girl remains in a small chamber under lock and key, because it did not have friends and relatives in the city. Some prisoners come from remote villages, and their families simply can not afford to go to them. From a family simply refuse.

12. 23-year-old Suely Santos Medeiros spent a year in prison for drug dealing, and now condemned for being rushed to a local hairdresser and splashed acid in the face of his mistress Man. As a result, it is crippled eight people, including herself. Her roommate and Uilyames drug dealer was arrested for the same thing, only with a firearm.

13. One of the prisoners wrote a letter to the director of the prison, which complained about the conditions of detention and asked to review her case. Accused of minor crimes and awaiting sentencing live in the same cells as murderers. Workshops are closed, and the prisoners complain that they are bored. All day they do not do anything, just smoking weed and plan the next escape.

14. These items were confiscated during searches in the cells. Among them are sex toys, sharpening and mobile phones (which the prisoners were hidden in his genitals). Prisoners complained that the searches are too hard - even dress up in police protective equipment.

15. Sister Adele came to Brazil from Milan in 1993. His work with the families in the prisons she explains with a quote from the Bible: "... I was in prison and you came to me ...." Brazilian court ruled in 1999 that the children after two years can not live in prison with their mothers. Since prisoners do not trust the authorities, they decided to entrust their children to his sister Adele. Then began her mission.

16. Sister Adele manages the shelter near the prison and looks after the children who can not live in prison because of age or because of the very poor conditions. Here the children get a good education and live as a family. But for this they have to accept Catholicism.

17. Dona Maria de Fatima got HIV during the next prick drug. She tied with its fatal predilection. In prison, she had a daughter, and she looks after one of his granddaughters - Diane (pictured). Her second daughter, a drug addict, and his son works in protection at the lowest rate.

18. 48-year-old Dona Maria de Fatima positive for HIV looks after her granddaughter Diane as her mother (and daughter Fatima) is currently in jail. Although Dona Maria and the very poor and had to share the house with drug addicts, drug dealers and thieves, she was able to send Diana to school, and ballet classes on playing the flute. It directs its forces out to end the vicious circle of violence, imprisonment and poverty that surround her and her family. She also was able to overcome his addiction to cocaine.

19. Suely Santos Medeiros, who was sentenced to prison for what she splashed acid in the face of his mistress Man, appeared on television. When this happens, the neighbors stop to watch. Crime - virtually the only way for them to enjoy the "15 minutes of fame."

20. The daughter of Dona Maria de Fatima (who did not want to disclose his name) - a drug addict who gave birth to their seventh child. All that is in this child, was granted by the government as a program helping the poor mothers who can not afford decent care of the child. To get these benefits, mothers are required to attend special programs during pregnancy. These programs are aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality during labor. The mother of this girl is HIV-positive, and her sister is in prison.

21. Prisoners who have long been lovers, can join with them in sexual relations, but on condition that they will use contraception. Rooms in which it occurs, it is very pathetic, to say the least.




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