Such is the regatta

Gregory Hite

Those who are older -vspomnite. Who are younger - imagine.

Terry seventies. The Cold War. The Iron Curtain. Is anchored in some American port, slightly away from the shore of the Soviet merchant ship. Everything is quiet, calm, culturally. Suddenly, some sailor jumps slightly scurrying across the board and flops into the water, then begins struggling to row, sail to the American coast. And here is the beginning. Noise, screams, wails. Only hear at all possible languages. "All hands on top. In places. Boat on the water. "And here begins the real regatta. Yes, such that the Olympians would envy. With the Soviet ship on the ropes very quickly lower the boats. Simultaneously, some standing next to a Canadian steamer down to the water, too, rushes boat full of Canadian sailors with white caps and pompons on top. So to say sports uniforms. Then a light slap. boats on water. Team boatswain - "Come Nava. One-two, one-two. "And both sides are exhausted to rush sailor boat. The sailors rowed hard. Well firstly it's just fun. Something like a sailor Olympics. "Who-who." Besides the natural desire of Canadians are driven to help our neighbor. Break out of the paw of the Communists. Soviet sailor rowing too hard. Urge them not even necessary, because they know - miss a fugitive and all. No beach, no severance, no trips to the land, even in the poorest African countries. And yet no-shopping purchases, no exchanges, no foreign jeans. So the half-year voyages, under the scorching sun, in the heat and stuffiness down the drain. Therefore, each team wants to get to the first floating matrosika. Get the top prize. If matrosika first to get the Canadian team, everything is simple and clear. Sailor grabs the outstretched hands. And, again ... He's already in the boat, on Canadian territory. If it wins the regatta Soviet rowing team, then it is not so obvious. Just try to drag the boat with high sides of a man who is not willing to climb back. Oar on the head, of course you can. But there is no guarantee that the fugitive-swimmer then do not sink. Yep, and photo in this unfortunate incident may appear anywhere they are even in the press. Therefore, in this case in the Soviet Union developed special techniques that workers under the vigilant control of the entire command and studied composition boatswain. It's very simple and cute. At the side of the boat sits boatswain and rolled up his sleeve vest that would not soak, waiting when the boat aligned with the fugitive. Then he just grabs his fugitive sailor forelock. But does not drag the boat, but rather pritaplivaet it. Not for long. Thirty seconds until the sailor starts blowing bubbles. After that, you can pull up. Now completely muzzy, swallow salt water sailor grabs botsmaskuyu hand like a straw, and the sheer, without any compulsion climbs in his native boat. This photo can be here without any trouble to publish in the newspaper Pravda, providing article and the caption "The Soviet team came to the rescue a drowning man. "Joking aside, the way it was. Someone had time, ran, swam. Someone less fortunate. Fished and drove back that would really ever caulked fugitive in Siberian, Ural camp.

Many years have passed since then. Much water has flowed. Many things in this world has changed.

And you still remember aunt saleswoman from the meat department Deli, yelling at the crowd of shoppers.

"The queue does not hold! Sausage ends! "And even" What hatched! You lot, I'm alone! »

So, this is the aunt moved to America. Serves one important office. INS is called. Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization in translation. Repaint. Appearance changed. From Negro, nankeen and white bitches just can not tell. But habits are the same. And yelling all the same. Learn?

"The queue does not hold! Places in America end! "," What are hatched! America alone, and you have a lot! »

Well, respectively, and the rules of the race have changed, too. Do not believe me? A Cuban immigrants in Miami ask around.

Such is the situation. Cuban barge floats near the American coast. Everything is quiet, calm, culturally. Suddenly, some sailor, fisherman or maybe, maybe just a Cuban intellectual, slightly a run and jump over the side of flops in the water, then begins struggling to row, sail to the American coast. And here is the beginning. Noise, screams, wails. With some following a parallel course of a ship of the US Coast Guard fast-fast boat down. Then a light slap. Team boatswain - "Come Nava. One-two, one-two. »

And then someone who. Gonna American sailor swimmer fugitive. Zataschat to his boat and back to the Cuban longboat. Get your goodness and bring down-to return home.
Well, if you still sailor doplyvet to America. If you touch the same American coast ...
Just do not confuse. Must not touch the hand and foot. Such are the new rules of the American regatta.
Then came to the rescue Americans congratulate you, clap on the shoulder. Americans gentle guys. Will not cheat. Some of this same coast guard themselves so here is profit.
Then call on the radio the next service. Taken to some center. Give lawyer Lauer. Paper straighten temporary residence, and then and permanent. And then it's your business. Satisfied as you can.

Do you want to - go to the bandits, and you want - clean the floor in Mack Donaldse. And can poraskinesh brains and find something better.

People are different needs. People all sorts of important.

So what? Like a regatta? Want to try for yourself?
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