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Anoplogaster cornuta. Jet black flaky skin and giant head with a variety of canines. Some consider this the worst predatory fish fauna.

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Polar Bear - the largest land predator of the planet. Its length is 3 meters, and weight - 1 ton. Polar bear - a very dangerous predator. When nothing unsuspecting marine animal puts out his head out of the sea, bear stun his paw and pulls on an ice floe. Can attack and on land. People bear little interest. But because of climate change, the bears have to increasingly landfall in search of food. Therefore, WWF created the "Bear Patrol" - teams of local residents, which repel bears from villages to save lives and that, and another.

Employees of the Fund were doubts as to whether the animal kitoglava scary. In the end, the bird, the growth of which more than a meter, still got a list. Beak kitoglava leaves almost no chance to fish, he eats. This is one of the few birds whose eyes are not located on the sides and front, making it look truly demonic.

Great white shark, or man-eater, the protagonist of the movie "Jaws". This is the most dangerous shark to humans. Its length is usually greater than 4 meters, and the power of the jaws in conjunction with sharp teeth makes its bite fatal to the majority of victims. However, as is known, many people in the world die using the toaster, and not during any attack sharks. But she quickly white shark dies, it remains only 3,500 individuals.

According to the poll Animal Planet, the tiger - the pet people. He surpassed even the dogs. Really, who is not moved by the sight of a fluffy tiger with big eyes? But it is also one of the most dangerous predators of the planet. From terrestrial animals, surpassed only by the size of the tiger bears. People are always afraid of the tiger, admired and envied him. That is why the Tigers have become an endangered species. Someone is killing them for the sake of the body - it is believed that the drug from the tiger make a man as strong. Someone is killing for the sake of beautiful skins. If you want to help save the tiger from extinction, WWF join online

Catfish. This fish has a long, slippery body and amazing teeth. At the lower and the upper jaw - from 4 to 6 caniniform, powerful teeth conical shape, followed by a few rows of teeth. Although it is difficult to say, or rather, it is a terrible funny. People actively catfish caught, so its population is declining rapidly.

Lemon shark. Not the greatest (up to 3 meters) shark, but one of the most powerful. Fortunately, people are not interested in her.

Flat snout of the animal resembles a little Pig. Leaf-nosed bat serpokryly lives in Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Islands. For the man is not dangerous. Leaf-nosed bat become a victim of mainly wild figs. In addition to small mammals almost nothing is known. This is one of the most mysterious species of bats.

Bitis atropos. About this snake even no article on Wikipedia - neither English nor Russian. So it is small. There are only two small populations in South Africa. Like many other African vipers, this snake is distinguished growths on his head like horns. In her appearance has something diabolical.

Labyrinth spider weaves a network of flat, like a plate, which is connected with a corridor from the web. This tunnel is he hiding, waiting for prey. Just like in the stories of hundreds of action movies where the hero in the underground labyrinth awaits an unexpected meeting with the arthropods. Incidentally, the labyrinth spider found in Europe, including Russia.

During the chase, the wolf can reach speeds of 65 kilometers per hour (18 meters per second). A wolf strong jaws with sharp fangs and the so-called carnivorous teeth, which he rips and chews meat. The jaws of the wolf is so powerful that it can break a hip elk 6-8 bites.

Length of basking sharks may exceed 9 meters. It is distinguished by huge jaws with more than 200 dentition. But the appearance is deceptive terrible: this shark feeds on plankton. She swims with open mouth, filtering thousands of tons of water.

de-aye live in Madagascar and a bit like a house elf Dobby from the Harry Potter book. Nature has given this primate teeth like a rodent, and a long middle finger, which he obtains his food like a woodpecker's beak. Aye-aye is in danger - not only because it destroyed the forest in which he lives, but also because of the prejudices of local residents. The ancient Malagasy legend says that aye-aye - a symbol of death, and the man who met aye-aye in the woods, is threatened with destruction.

Tailed viper - venomous. Its bite is dangerous to humans, but not lethal.


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