The number of wild animals on the planet over the past 40 years has been halved

The population of Homo sapiens on the planet has reached seven billion. To maintain all this biomass bipeds need a huge amount of food. As a result, the biomass of cattle on the planet exceeds the biomass of all wild animals of the planet, what vividly shows the infographics below.

To maintain high livestock numbers necessary land, which is alienated from wildlife. As a result, many species remain, literally, without a home. Throw in hunting, pollution of the surrounding environment and the output is a sad picture, which according to WWF.

According to information received from WWF, the world wildlife Fund, in collaboration with the Zoological society of London and Global Footprint Network, conducted an analysis of population dynamics 3430 species of wild animals between 1970 and 2010. The results have been disappointing. For 40 years, the number of studied species of wild animals has decreased by 52%. Most the sad fate of freshwater species, their numbers decreased by 76%.

The world population continues to grow, and therefore a threat to the biodiversity of the planet continues to increase.



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