Green advertising: how much is a life worth?

"World wildlife Fund" playing the conscience of the layman: the paw prints of a big cat turned into a lifeless coin. And how much it can say care about the person! These "feet" — a story about the greedy destruction of wildlife habitat, hunting and poaching for profit, about the exquisite costumes from fur – in the name of fashion and prestige.

Like the trail of a predator, the source and direction of money it is easy to trace, but the money for it and round to roll in one direction or another. What we choose to redeem their counterparts on a single income, or pomeron their appetite to save for the future?

"WWF" offers don't be greedy and send some money to the campaign to protect them. The slogan of these creative posters reads: "Save the world a few coins." Given that the Earth has about seven billion people, it will agree, not so little!

However, to interpret this green is possible and in a different way. To give nature the very few coins you can, turning off the lights, not wasting water, preferring the Bicycle to the bus – at least in good weather. But you never know what? Conscious people and everything is clear.

"World wildlife Fund" an array of impressive eco-friendly posters, but this one is amazing in its depth and simplicity of the image. "River pollution kills as many people as a nuclear explosion," reads a slogan, intentionally printed upside down. To read it, you first have to turn the picture – and then it will become obvious similarities between dissolving in a glass of oil and a nuclear mushroom.

Looking at such creative urban greening, don't know whether to laugh, whether to cry. The meaning of the billboards from "WWF" to interpret, in General, is not difficult: the city should not be completely divorced from nature, otherwise it turns into a stone bag.

This appeal to the city authorities, who can not allocate money for tree planting among the empty wasteland, to the people that it is time to remove the head from the body-box and put a couple of Apple trees on the weekend. Why not? "The world needs more green!" — Remind activists.

This creative is dedicated to the Earth Day, which is celebrated by activists since the 1970s. First, traditionally, April 22, and then also in the day of the vernal equinox and the beginning of summer spring – to draw the attention of more people. If so, then why not today and not every day? Because the planet needs care not just once a year... this is reminiscent of the poster showing that the time for action not so much.

A magnificent predator threatened is no longer a secret. And apart from the unresolved hunting wild cats, their numbers are declining due to deforestation. "WWF" played with texture and showed how cutting tree chainsaw destroys the very picture of the life of a tiger – and they'll get to him.

"That the planet will have to endure before we start to respect her?" Asks, "world wildlife Fund" in the viewer. Painted elephant color spray, eco-organization does not want to "dig" for fans of graffiti: "WWF" only shows that we are wise animal as important, like some kind of concrete wall. The same applies to many other inhabitants of our planet, which today are in danger because of human activities.

Brazilian Chapter of the "WWF" stands for on the poster, not the aquarium: floating in it Amazon inii indicate that it was more about the main water artery of South America. Meanwhile, the simple man in the street spends a lot of water for lawn irrigation, unwittingly threatening to drain is not bottomless "Dolphinarium". Such a symbolic diagram makes it clear what a stupid and ridiculous behavior. Let us save water?

"Do the people how much money they spend on cigarettes?" — Multivalued hints of eco-poster. Of course, from the car on petrol ecology of little use, but wrinkled as the butt of a car indicates only the cost of such unhealthy whim. How many useful and interesting can be done for the same money!

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