"Bath" for severe male technique also needed.

Some people believe that a real man should be powerful, smelly and hairy. All of these water treatments that are so popular today - clearly unnecessary for the brutal, this guy. Once a week - in the bath, but with a broom tease - that originally! And the technique of real men - tanks, planes, helicopters. People have long known that the tanks are not afraid of dirt, they would just not get caught up in the musty swamp, and comrade confidently with rope pull, if need help. And, nevertheless, "bath" for severe male technique also needed. Tanks and aircraft are also sometimes want sparkling clean and exude aromas of alpine conifer. And EW-install with helicopters from them do not want to fall behind.

Post a pure combat transport for real men!

But in fact, as a rule, have to deal with the tanks pretty harsh, but masterovitymi comrades.

Although, sometimes they still fall to.

That's namyvali military equipment at Khodynka before the parade on May 9 for example:

Generally, the washing process is not always pleasant, such as in this case.

Although washed wheels - the best guarantee of cross combat other. And if the hand is not a toothbrush, and something more serious, wash the wheels - not that slave labor.

Purity was valued almost at all times (not counting the Middle Ages, of course). That's our grandfathers also periodically staged "bath" for their military friends. Here, for example, washing armored turret gun Dnieper flotilla.

To wash the APCs, of course, not enough buckets with a washcloth. So, for example, often using APCs namyvayut colleagues from the fire department:

Tanks are also in this plan - more aesthetes. And not to take away here is a refreshing shower.

There are also more complex systems for washing tanks:

That's how:

And so:

M1128 Stryker MGS - ruthless American soldier, an APC with a capital letter. But it is not alien to water treatments.

Type "Stryker" behind.

M1E1 Abrams takes a shower of high comfort. Only the barrel had to turn to the other side.

And EW-water treatment systems also liking. Take, for example, "Krasuhu 2.0" - our new military developments. At the beginning of the video shows that the Radioelectric Mahina has nothing against water treatments.

But so clean Hercules. Military transport aircraft «Lockheed C-130 Hercules» under the pressure of powerful streams of air cleaned of dust and kills mosquitoes during takeoff.

His example was followed by other cruise gather more peaceful:

The nose also need a good wash ...

Not so long ago appeared on the Internet photographs of aircraft hangar US National Guard, based in Minnesota. In the hangar fire suppression system worked, and helicopter gunships were flooded with foam.

As usual, photo galleries instantly spread through the internet and some clever people have signed it as "the washing of helicopters."

In general, wash helicopters far more cultural than in this case.

But the result was not bad - after the foam party propeller monsters flashed fresh postkonveernym shine.

As it was written in "Tom Sawyer" - painting the fence was fun and exciting spectacle. No less fascinating to watch the washing BTR-82A, although the soldier can be seen that his occupation is hardly exciting.


Overall, how would the tanks did not feel indifference to dirt, wash them categorically shown. And not only the tank - "Stryker" and "Krasuhe" too averse to take a cold shower. Given the size of the fighting monsters, time, of course, takes a lot, but the result is impressive. But sometimes we are lazy and own "Oka" wash ...

I have on it all.


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