So what is important?

Writes one aunt:

"And that's the paradox - lamenting my old friend - he's ready to give his life for her love!" But she was, as usual, took cash only.

The story is as old as the world.

I listened to her friend, and she thought that is exactly what happens often. We just do not match. Whether in time, or in space.

"You know, they say, she had a difficult childhood, his father left the family early, there were problems with money. Maybe that's why the list of its priorities, the first place is a powerful financial rear? ". We talked about a mutual friend, who inexplicably two weeks before the wedding celebration canceled due to the fact that the company her fiancé became bankrupt. "I saw him recently, it was only from the shadows. They say he sold the house to arrange the wedding of her dreams, thought that with all the problems will sort out later. And she, when she learned immediately packed up and left. And the calls stopped responding. " I listened and caught myself thinking that I do not feel sorry for any of the participants in this story. She lied that she loved, he deceived the rich. What else could go out under such conditions the problem? It reminded me of a poker game where each participant cleverly bluffing until it was an autopsy.

And no matter how it was sad, fewer and fewer people are willing to love just like that, just for what you are. Love as taught in thick books on Russian literature.

In an age of continuous provocations and availability, we show anything except his own vulnerability and feelings.

Young girls with their mouths ajar photographed herself in a closet, put them boys husky, not looking up from the game in the tanks. Beauty await meeting in a trendy restaurant, and get thousands of virtual hearts of poor students, and one particular call from the "Saturday-Lexus-Constantine."

Time passes, and failed oligarchs wife find themselves somewhere in the removable Khrushchev on the outskirts of the city. Let the beauty and faded from its former freshness was gone, but they are still "in the search", and sad statuses fill their social pages. Meanwhile, once the young guys are out of the social status of the notorious "all there" and oily eye glances in the direction of the very girls, with an open mouth and a seductive mini. The circle is closed.

Perhaps now love - this is a luxury. Probably the most important thing in life - it is well settled. When I look at the tired women carrying heavy bags with food, arms and disfiguring hump back, or sad mothers, apologetically arrange the loan in the store to collect the child in school, I see the most cruel lady threw financial insolvency of the groom before the wedding . No matter how cynical it sounds, but the main female capital - is youth and beauty.

You manage it properly invest - will draw your picture comfortable life.

"All the way, but not so" - said to my grandmother. "We did everything together - work, build a house. There was war - and it was already happy. And we were not afraid of poverty. Yes, and it was not accepted ».


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