Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen — digital pen for those who still takes notes on paper


Writing on the computer is much more convenient than pen and paper. It's faster, it gives plenty of opportunities for further editing and copying text and graphics. However, there is still a huge number of people who prefer the old-fashioned to use a pen or pencil. That is for them and is the Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen.


Engineers and scientists around the world are wondering how to transfer to digital format virtually endless array of human knowledge, developed over the history of Mankind and created now. Libraries of the world actively scan books from their archives. And designers are developing devices that allow you to digitize hand-created text and images. Someone sees the solution to this problem in combining a tablet computer and a notebook, some in the appearance of the handle, which she will remember all that you have created with it. And the company Livescribe recently presented the "smart" pen Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen, which has a wireless communication interface, allowing you to transfer data to a computer, phone or tablet.


That is, everything that you write or draw with a pen Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen, you'll be in a digital format on a hard disk. Thanks to the special software supplied with this device, you will easily be able to understand all this — to sort and view texts and drawings in days, hours. Even those people who have most of life going on in the world wide web, often make hand sketches of texts or pictures, put on paper scraps of ideas on which you should consider in the future. The smart pen Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen will allow all this information stored in a digital format — so you will never lose!

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