Clean energy from roads in Canada

Two new projects for the canadian government: highway "Road of the Sun" from the accumulation of solar panels and eco-trail "Green ribbon", under which is hidden the famous highway "Gardiner Expressway" connecting Toronto with the suburbs, this eco-Park, perhaps, begin.

Highway Gardiner Expressway is a scenic area along the coastal strip of lake Ontario. This highway was named in honor of Frederick Goldwin Gardiner, a local municipal leader, who in the middle of the last century, actively engaged supporter of the expansion of the "demographic capital" of Canada and its transportation infrastructure. Working on a huge freeway, as proposed by Gardiner, was completed in 1964 and the first time fully welcomed.

The highway separated the business and residential neighborhoods of Toronto from the usual places for townspeople – the green zone, which stretches along the banks of the lake. It took another few years for which the number of vehicles has grown considerably, and "Gardiner Expressway" could no longer cope with the flow of cars, turning at peak hours of the highway in the Parking lot for stuck in a traffic jam of cars.

"Throwing is the last thing you want to do with the broken thing," said architect Les Klein (Les Klein, founder of the Studio "Quandrangle Architects". It was his idea about the transformation of the highway into a green Park Green ribbon (Green Ribbon) with a length of 7 kilometers. Rather, the very concrete structure of the highway with the flow of the cars will not disappear – but it will be covered with a new level intended for rest, Hiking and Cycling.

You can get here will be by means of elevators and stairs to enjoy the splendid scenery of the lake and the city, as well as green lawns, trees and shrubs in a peaceful silence. Noise and exhaust gases of cars from the lower level will not disturb the visitors of the eco-trail will be partially protected by a high fence of durable soundproof glass.

The power supply of "Green tape" will be done thanks to solar panels and wind turbines, making the design completely Autonomous. In addition, the benefits of building a eco-trails will be removed and the highway – she will be saved from rain and snow that eliminates the need to sprinkle the road chemicals.

But the canadian government does not limit their "green" plans for the near future as alternative source of energy will be built "Road of the Sun" — wide roadway with embedded solar panels 4×10 meters. For the safety of motorists and high-quality grip rubber tires with the road surface cumulative panels will make it more rough, and, in addition, they will be embedded special sensors for monitoring the condition of the highway.

Get off the road clean energy will be used not only for lighting of the motorway and operate traffic lights – will be enough for nearby industrial enterprises and residential areas. Another plus of this idea is that the project will cost the state and taxpayers in two times cheaper than the conventional coating. Thus, the canadian government is confident that the "Road of the Sun" will recoup the investment in it in just six years.

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