Promotion and advancement of sites from the SEO professionals from the Studio Webakula

Thirty seven million seven hundred thirty five thousand eight

The owners of online stores or websites know how important it is to not only retain existing customers and attract new ones. The resource generates income, he needs popularity and attendance. This is what SEO-promotion, which is offered by the specialists of the company Webakula. IT specialists are promoting even the most "new" projects. This allows you to quickly zoom in:
  • the number of visitors to the web page;
  • the number of accesses to the resource address;
  • to make the product, brand, a recognizable brand;
  • to bring website in the TOP search engines.
The cost of such services remains symbolic if you compare it with the price for a new promotion channel. And the effectiveness of an existing resource increases several times.

Where to start the promotion
The first step is to conduct SEO analysis, not only of the target site, but also the resources of competitors. At this stage, is determined by:
  • the semantic core;
  • categories of users;
  • period activity page;
  • theme.
Going indicators for drawing up a semantic kernel and the queries for which the site will search the Internet. Also structured home and made the router to navigate to bookmarks.

Identifying key words, phrases, and relevancy of the website
Analysis of third party resources and search engines allows you to make a list of high - and low-frequency queries for which users can search landing page. Given the themes of the project: identify key words, phrases. It is for them needs to be "sharpened" all the texts on the website or in blogs, otzoviki. And used article, not only with correctly entered as "keywords". It is important that are presented on the pages information has been of interest to users. As a rule, search engines also "love" these texts and submit them to TOP the new the results.

What are specialists
Thanks to the successful promotion of any website in a month will move in line for the TOP results pages. This will positively affect the increase in the number of visitors and the popularity of the resource. This will require additional work:
  • on the structure – information on every page should have a certain hierarchy;
  • content – use headers with keywords and meta-texts;
  • adding new or news pages, blogs.
Such works are regular, guaranteeing the successful promotion of sites.


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