Letters prison inmates - photoproject Trent Bell

Trent Bell conceived this photo project for personal reasons. His friend, the father of four children, was sentenced to 36 years in prison. Experiencing other and trying to somehow help him morally, photographer came up with the project "Letters to the convicts themselves in childhood." He found the people who asked him to write such letters themselves, and then photographed against the background of these letters. In the letters people wrote myself a little caution, which could, in their opinion, to protect them in the future from the fatal mistakes, because of which many were convicted.

"I believe in you, and many others believe. But why you did not want to believe in yourself? »

"Know that people will always feel and provoke you. And what would you have thought, only a real man can not give in to provocation ».

"If you feel that you make a mistake, think before you will regret about the consequences».

"Your every decision one way or another affect the lives of others and your own future».

"Keep smiling and never let anger take over your mind. Treat others with the respect that they deserve ».

"Mistakes made in the past can serve as a good lesson for our future».

"Find the strength to forgive, just so you could be forgiven himself».

"Most of my life I spent on entertainment in bars. You deserve so much more ».

"Never lose themselves».

Most of these people believed that they could change something, they tread different than received. However, this is not so simple. But in any case, Trent were grateful all the participants of the experiment, he gave them an opportunity to rethink some things to think about the future and the past, and a little resigned to their fate.

"We do allow al * bare * Office on Drugs and destroy our lives. Dreams and prospects for a normal life in the future with them is impossible. "


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