Daughter They kissed for the last time, before shutting down Life Support Apparatus ...

< Frances and Lee Moore-Williams happily married for several years. The couple have two sweet children: Bobby and Bell. But then, no one has ever suspected what life drama played out shortly around their little daughter.

Bell has always been a beacon of light in the home. Surrounded by the love of parents and brother, she never ceased to please them. At least the first 18 months.

During a family vacation girl suddenly fell ill, began to lose her hair. Parents might not understand what suddenly happened to their little treasure. Immediately after the release of Frances and Lee took the baby into one of the best hospitals in London, where experienced doctors had to share with parents the terrible news.

Having an MRI, doctors discovered some anomalies Bella's brain. Nothing good could this mean. The girl's condition continued to deteriorate, reaching a critical stage: to save Bella's life, it had to be connected to the instrument. B>

According to medical analysis, baby suffering from defiita vitamin B12. Her body was not capable of self-producing enzymes necessary for the body's cells to grow up healthy.

Rare disease suffered by Bella, striking an average of only 1 child out of 60,000 Therefore, treat it was almost impossible. Doctors have given a clear message to parents - their daughter would not survive.

Frances and Lee finally unanimously decided to turn off devices of their beloved daughter, that she did not spent the rest of his life in agony. B>

On that day, the entire family and close friends gathered at the hospital to say goodbye to Bella. In tears, the parents kiss my baby, always ready to let her go to the other world. This photo was supposed to be the last memory of their little girl.

«I held her hands, knowing that it is about breathed his last - Lee says. - I felt like she was getting weaker. But suddenly she unabated grabbed my finger. " The body temperature of Bella suddenly began to rise, she blushed again, woke up and started screaming ... screaming instruments, doctors rushed to the ward.

Everyone thought that the little girl died, but her performance suddenly became normal by themselves, which was a huge surprise for all hospital staff. B>

After a few weeks of intensive course of medication Bella finally able to return home. Live and healthy.

Five months later, Bella looked quite different. Now the fun baby smiling, running and playing with her friends, and her hair grew back again. Lee and Francesca called his daughter a Christmas miracle, because six months ago, no one could assume that Bella would survive.

Every one of us at heart would like to see all the sick children suddenly same miraculously recovered.

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