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In business, I love doing just that truly captivates. Combining work and hobbies. The main passion of my life - and tourism. I have a tourist shop, rental station windsurfing and wakeboarding. It is time to move on. The choice of new activity took more than a year. The budget of the new business had to be within 3 mln. Rubles. I will not describe all the stages of selection, I have to say on what stopped: Construction of a mini-hotel in the format of the hostel. The existence of the hostels I found only in the search for ideas for the business. Indeed - we spend the night in the city for less than 2000 rubles. nowhere. A night at the hostel costs about 400 - 600 rubles, but so far none of the hostel in the city. Well, then, the whole idea can be associated with tourism. Active holiday in our town is booming. Besides windsurfing and wakeboarding, which I advance, there is still flying on motoparaplanah, balloons, three airfield with small aircraft, three stables, velopokatushki, Canoeing, ATVs, flying in aerotrube etc. Man came to our town for the weekend, where there is a rest. The entire spectrum of activity and other leisure guests you can invite. This is the original idea.

In the late autumn of land was purchased from the burned-out house in the historic center of the city. Selected project (in view of the limited funds - karkasnik). And so, on April 17 the brigade drove mounting screw pile-foundation. On the foundation of the device took 2 days.

Start of construction of the foundation

Thus plot was in April.

May 10 came carpenters.

Start of construction

Put walls

The weather was lucky this year in May.

Second floor. Frame

Another view of the second floor.

Roof ready

Inside sutured plasterboard


This here is a house turned out.

Photos from the site. The river is called "Serpeyka." The name of the hostel also chose "Serpeyka┬╗

Putting kitchen

Kitchen ready

The corridor of the first floor.

A bathroom with shower on the ground floor.

Stairs to the second floor gets too steep. Next year will have to redo.

The corridor of the second floor.

The room on the first floor.

More on the same number.

Quadruple room.

Double room. Hostel Yeshe began work before completion. While it was being built, I made a website and posted information on Yandex. According to the number of calls it became clear that the idea is correct. This weekend was the peak load. Busy was all. I'm finished.


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